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cost-effective automation compact units for • drilling • tapping • milling AIR HYDRAULIC DRILLING UNIT BE 33

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AIR HYDRAULIC DRILLING UNIT BE 33 The basic design of the BE 33 consists of a vane motor powered by compressed air, a pneumatic cylinder, and a closed hydraulic system.The total stroke length can be variably subdivided into rapid advance and working feed over the whole range.The throttle/check valve in the hydraulic system permits exact setting of the feed rate and high speed return. ● VERY COMPACT DESIGN ● BUILT-IN HYDRAULICS FOR CONTROLLED WORKING FEED ● ADJUSTMENT OF DRILLING DEPTH WITH POSITIVE STOP GUARANTEES A HIGH DEGREE OF ACCURACY ● EXTRA STABLE SPINDLE BEARINGS ● LOW NOISE LEVEL ● MINIMAL...

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limit switch package. You can download 2D CAD-drawings and 3D CAD-models on DRILLING UNIT Accessories TYPE MULTI-SPINDLE HEADS Electric Pneumatic Controls for BE 33units Electric Pneumatic MOUNTINGS LIMIT SWITCHES Necessary components CHUCKS On w w you can nd more information as well as the same information as above in imperial units. When requesting a quote or ordering please state: Model, Chuck (collet size), Limit Switches and if it is to be used for Lubrication-free operation.

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You will nd units for Drilling, Tapping and Milling installed wherever increased rates of production are required.They are a cost-effective means of automating drilling, tapping and milling operations. E2 products are known world wide for their quality, durability, precision and power. Each series of E2 units are the most compact in the market today. E2 customers benet from the high quality of the E2 product line with less down-time and reduced operating costs. The compact design of the E2 units together with a good availability of CAD-drawings/-models makes the design of a machine more straight...

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