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cost-effective automation compact units for • drilling • tapping • milling HIGH SPEED DRILLING UNIT BE 11/ GRINDER HFS100

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HIGH PRECISION DRILLING UNIT BE11 AND HIGH SPEED GRINDER HFS100 Precision drilling/grinding unit with a basic design based on a patented air-driven turbine motor.The drive unit is powered without intermediate gears and features variable speed control up to 80 000 rpm.A special high-speed precision bearing makes the drilling unit extremely quiet with a sound level of 67 dB (A). BE 11 / HFS 100 is designed for lubricationfree operation. ● 80 000 RPM ● PRECISION UNIT FOR DRILLING, DEBURRING ETC ● HIGHLY STABLE BEARING SYSTEM ● LOW NOISE LEVEL (67 dB(A)) ● HFS 100: ALSO AVAILABLE AS HIGH SPEED GRINDER...

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Recommended mounting points You can download 2D CAD-drawings and 3D CAD-models on Necessary components COLLETS Accessories TYPE On w w you can nd more information as well as the same information as above in imperial units. When requesting a quote or ordering please state: Collet size.

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You will nd units for Drilling, Tapping and Milling installed wherever increased rates of production are required.They are a cost-effective means of automating drilling, tapping and milling operations. E2 products are known world wide for their quality, durability, precision and power. Each series of E2 units are the most compact in the market today. E2 customers benet from the high quality of the E2 product line with less down-time and reduced operating costs. The compact design of the E2 units together with a good availability of CAD-drawings/-models makes the design of a machine more straight...

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