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Vertical presetting and measuring machines - smile
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Catalog excerpts

solut The o ion f ptimum or yo ur su ccess Prese t inspe & measu re, ct & m your cuttin anage g too ls The new generation of tool presetter and measuring machines smile

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Products and services offered by ZOLLER 2 I Why ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines? ZOLLER efficiency ZOLLER application solutions ZOLLER »smile« tool presetter and measuring machine versions [hardware] ZOLLER »smile« - the universal tool presetter and measuring machine ZOLLER »smile/pilot 2.0« - getting started professionally ZOLLER »smile/pilot 3.0« - the solution for every challenge ZOLLER standard and options - all components perfectly matched ZOLLER »smile/CNC« - the fully automatic version ZOLLER »smile/tribos« - with the SCHUNK TRIBOS clamping unit* ZOLLER »smile/shrink« - with...

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ZOLLER increases your productivity ZOLLER helps companies to manufacture more efficiently by using tool pré- setters, tool inspection machines and tool management software. ZOLLER measures and presets tools to two-thousandths of a millimeter - quickly, simply, accurately and guaranteed! Accuracy means less waste, less CNC machine downtime and more profit. Put more precisely: You can improve your productivity by at least 20% with ZOLLER. Trust in ZOLLER technology and profit from the highest quality and reliabi- lity, top-innovation and competence as well as user-friendliness and excep- tional...

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ZOLLER - for your success »ZOLLER is today the global expert and market leader in the field of tool presetting, tool measurement and tool inspection for more precision and productivity in manufacturing companies. For more than 60 years, ZOLLER has developed innovative software as well as tool presetters and measuring machines to measure, inspect and manage cutting tools of all kinds. Our many years of experience and the close cooperation between our customers and partners give us the necessary expertise to deliver cutting-edge technology that is user-friendly and helps our customers to cope with...

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1 I Products and services offered by ZOLLER The ZOLLER »smile« product series Simple to operate, equipped with all the standard measuring functions, at an attractive price. The ZOLLER »smile« universal tool presetter and measuring machine has been designed specifically for measuring tools for manufacturing production. It can save you up to $15,000 per shift and machine ■ Simple to use thanks to intuitive ZOLLER software interface and ergonomie operating ■ Fast & precise thanks to powerful ZOLLER image-processing technology ■ Robust & able to withstand shop floor conditions owing to special alloy...

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Your needs - our solution ZOLLER efficiency With ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines, your tools are preset and measured before use. This means you can benefit in every aspect, thanks to less waste and fewer machine crashes, lower production costs and higher productivity. For you, this means: more efficiency and thus more turnover and profit. Your productivity increase Capitalize on ZOLLER: your results - greater profits! Less machine down-time Reduced scrap More efficient processes Higher process-reliability Better production quality Increased productivity

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Your requirement: Measure and preset tools quickly, ■ ZOLLER »pilot 3.0« modular image processing software for every requirement ■ ZOLLER »elephant« technology for measuring and presetting tools without data entry ■ Special measuring programs with photorealistic input dialog for complex measurement tasks Your requirement: Use only 100% perfect tools! Contactless inspection of metal cutting tools Measurement of tool geometries Extensive statistical and logging functions Your requirement: Manage data optimally! ■ Tool management systems for the office or directly on the tool presetter and measuring ■...

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The right machine for your application ZOLLER provides the optimum solution ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines consist of hardware functions, e.g. the »smile« machine series, and are equipped with »pilot« image processing software. The world market leader ZOLLER can thus provide the optimum solution for all requirements. The following questions will help select the best one for you: dimensions of your tools? Determine the maximum length need to measure. The measuring range of the tool presetter and measuring machine depends on this factor. ZOLLER »smile«. For heavier and larger tools: product...

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2 I ZOLLER application solutions Many requirements. One goal: The optimum ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine Use the navigator on the back fold-out page to find the right tool presetter and measuring machine. measure tools manually All ZOLLER machines, whether output the measurement results CNC control of the axes pays for itself with reliable measuring ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machines with CNC control of the axes provide the highest precision and automatic/ operator-independent sequences. for integration into your network for error-free data This decides the appropriate For...

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The universal tool presetter and measuring machine for any user ZOLLER »smile« Whether you use it as a universal tool presetter and measuring machine for your entire production facility or dedicate it to an individual machine tool, the automatic tool cutting edge detection and the »pilot« software make presetting and measuring your tools particularly precise, fast and simple. The ZOLLER »smile« series can be equipped with the »pilot 2.0« or »pilot 3.0« software, plus different applications and options depending on your require- ments. In any case - ZOLLER »smile«: Great performance at a small...

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3 I ZOLLER »smile« tool presetter and measuring machine versions V Machine table is a prerequisite (included as standard with »pilot 3.0«) Uhing drive Heidenhain measuring system THK linear guidance system with recirculating linear ball bearings High-precision and reliable axis adjustment, Ultra-precise positioning in X and Z axes Super-light sliding with no stick/slip effect manual or CNC controlled. thanks to Heidenhain. thanks to five THK guide systems.

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