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Catalogue excerpts

ZOLLER PRESE T TING SOLUTIONS The measuring instrument for crankshaft cutters with internal tool cutting edges

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Precise presetting of crankshaft cutters, fast and simple »aralon« Increasing demands on quality and high tool life necessitate precisely preset tools. Crankshaft cutters with internal cutting edges can be positioned, measured and documented easily and without requiring major training with the ZOLLER »aralon«. The measuring procedure is fast and uncomplicated, and documentation is assured. This makes »aralon« the perfect solution for the precise and economic measurement of crankshaft cutters. — Intuitive to operate ZOLLER software interface — High-performance measuring technology — Flexible, as...

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ZOLLER PRESE T TING SOLUTIONS fast and precise uncomplicated cost-effective »aralon CNC / pilot 3.0« – fully automated over 4 axes THK recirculating linear ball bearing guide Uhing drive

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Longer tool life for crankshaft cutters »aralonBasic« ZOLLER »aralonBasic« is your economical entry to precision measuring of crankshaft cutters with internal cutting edges. This lets you prolong tool life while at the same time improving the quality of your workpieces. The »aralonBasic« with manual swiveling device and micro adjustment delivers accurate measuring results for run-out and concentricity, diameter and cutter width of your crankshaft cutters. The measured results are documented as tables, diagrams or as representative test reports. _ 1 _ Concentricity and run-out inspection of the...

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ZOLLER PRESE T TING SOLUTIONS manual accurate cost-effective Technical specification »aralonBasic« Travel range Z-axis Travel range X-axis Internal diameter Clampable outer diameter Measurable outer diameter Maximum width of milling cutter Subject to technical modifications. The depicted machines may include options, accessories and control variants.

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Fully automatic measuring cycles directly in the production stage »aralon CNC« »aralon CNC« is the ZOLLER solution for the fully automated, tactile measurement of crankshaft cutters with internal tool cutting edges. The CNC-controlled electronic sensor can be rotated around 180° degrees and positioned individually to cover all cutting edges, regardless of their alignment. The ZOLLER »aralon CNC« is equipped with four CNC-driven axes and an automatic measuring sensor head. The fully automated measuring procedure can be started as soon as the crankshaft cutter has been accepted in the tool post....

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ZOLLER PRESE T TING SOLUTIONS fully automated unique operator-independent micro-precise measurement results in seconds Travel range Z-axis Travel range X-axis Internal diameter Maximum outer diameter Maximum width of cutting edge Maximum tool width Technical specification Subject to technical modifications. The depicted machines may include options, accessories and control variants.

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ZOLLER »aralon« with image processing »pilot 3.0 The »pilot 3.0« graphic user interface of »aralon« is equipped with a clear, analog display dial gauge. The intuitively operated software takes the user through the current measuring task quickly and easily. Partially or fully automated tool presetting and measuring Partially automated measuring After entering the nominal values (with tolerances if necessary], manually. The sensor position to be maintained currently is displayed Fully automated measuring fully automated measurement of the crankshaft cutter through 180° variable swiveling sensor. The...

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clearly organized intuitive operation for use in measuring room or production Measuring programs Entry of freely definable parking and retraction positions to optimize measuring procedures for maximum

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optimal measuring procedures high measuring speed complete documentation Evaluations with test reports Automatic tolerance monitoring of the measured cutting edges at the circumference including graphic display of the upper and lower tolerances. Automatic second measurement of individual cutting edges. These can be analyzed automatically, displayed clearly and be outputted as PDF or printed test report to provide seamless documentation of the extensive measurements. Protocol language can be selected individually. For more extensive, customized documentation, the editable inspection protocol »apus«...

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Universal tool holding fixture for »aralon« Tailor-made accurate time-saving customized Special tool posts are available for the exact positioning of crankshaft cutters Holding fixture for »aralonBasic« Accurate holding of the crankshaft cutters on the »aralon« is decisive for Supports smooth and micro-precise measurement. The »aralonBasic« does this quickly and universally direct at the rotary table via finely adjustable holding supports. Accurate and workshop-compliant tool posts with customer-specific centering Rotary table collets are available for machine-compliant holding of the crankshaft...

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PRESETTING SOLUTIONS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Presetting & measuring INSPECTION SOLUTIONS Managing tools BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Inspection & measuring ZOLLER solutions - comprehensive optimization of your manufacturing operations. We combine machines, software and services to individual system solutions to improve quality, efficiency and productivity. As a customer of ZOLLER you not only benefit from our know-how as market leader in the field of tool measurement technology, but equally from our claim as a family-run business to guarantee you a sustainable competitive advantage and thus make a measurable...

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