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2| DRGER POLYTRON 7000 Large Display 34 x 62 mm, 64 x 128 pixel 1.3" x 2.4" Quick Lock mechanism One half turn Ė lockedt Simple 3 button operation and navigation Graphics, icons and real text descriptions Polytron Docking station Durable GRP housing >

Sensor Diagnostic Dongle


All sensors have a certain life time whichcan be affected by factors such as gasexposure, temperature exposure and theage of the sensor. Now, with the new sen-sor diagnostic function in the dongle
(including Sensor Test), the stress and
remaining life of the sensor is evaluated,and it is possible to predict and plan for amaintenance and replacement cycle. The Drger two component concept of a
Docking Station and a Drger Polytron7000 electronics saves time and money.The Docking Station can be pre-installed䤖 mounting and wiring it into place sepa-
rately while protected by a rain and dust
cover until commissioning. At commis-sioning, the Dr֤ger Polytron 7000 elec-tronics is fixed by quicklock mechanisminto the Docking Station, the sensorinserted and the system is ready for oper-ation. The Drger Polytron 7000 can beequipped with a relay module to make it astand alone device with two gas alarmsand one fault relay. The relay moduleforms a part of transmitter, so there is no
additional installation cost or wiring to be
done. For general purpose use only.*


An internal pump for sampling the gas mix-
ture to the sensor is also a module option.The pump fits inside the Drger Polytron
7000 with no additional need for extrawiring and mounting space. For general
purpose use only.*

Data Dongle

Datalogger and eventlogger options are
implemented in this dongle, which storesgas values and events such as faults and
alarms. Using an IR link with the PDAm515-Ex, the data can be downloaded and
evaluated on a PC with the GasVisionsoftware. By pushing one button, a graph-
ical 15 minute history of the gas concen-tration will be displayed on the transmitter
screen, for quick evaluation of the currentand past situation.


The design of the compact durable GRPhousing of the Dr䤤ger Polytron 7000 isdust and water proof with an IP66/67 and
NEMA 4 rating. It is verified to SIL 2 spec-ification with unsurpassed RFI resistance.


The remote sensor is easy to install on the
wall or, using the duct adapter, onto ductsand pipes.

Dräger Polytron 7000
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    Drger Polytron 7000Fixed gas detector The Drger Polytron 7000 is a gas detector that can satisfy alltoxic and oxygen gas measurement applications on...
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    DRGER POLYTRON 7000 |3 ORDER INFORMATION DrĤger Polytron 7000 with 4 to 20 mA output and Sensor Diagnostic Dongle 83 17 980 Drger Polytron 7000...
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