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Dräger Polytron 7000 - 4 Pages

Drger Polytron 7000Fixed gas detector

The Drger Polytron 7000 is a gas detector that can satisfy alltoxic and oxygen gas measurement applications on a single plat-
form. It is meeting the requirements of the compliance market as
well as the high specification requirements of customized solu-

ST-3751-2003 INTUITIVE OPERATION COMMUNICATION INTERFACES The software menu of the Dr䤤ger Polytron7000 was designed in partnership withour customers making it simple and easyto use. The large graphical display usesicons and plain text to show the status ofthe instrument, and guides the userthrough calibration and configuration. With the Drger Polytron 7000 the com-
munication to the central control systemcan be selected between 4 to 20 mA ordigital options as: HART, FOUNDATIONfieldbus䮙 H1, PROFIBUS PA or LON-WORKS*. With the digital options, theDrΤger Polytron 7000 can be integratedinto any LONWORK*, PROFIBUS orFOUNDATION fieldbusΙ system architec-ture. Offering the advantage of reducedwiring cost and enabling the remote diag-nosis and predictive maintenance func-tionality for a reliable and flexible commu-nication network. >
ST-3812-2003 INTELLIGENT SENSORS Drger Polytron 7000 is able to detectover 100 different gases. Specificallydesigned for the demanding requirementsof a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year sta-tionery gas detection system, the largerDrgerSensor are renown for their longlife times and superior performance. Theembedded sensor memory contains allrelevant sensor data. All this enables the
use of pre-calibrated sensors, which
makes the Dr䤤ger Polytron 7000 ideal fora virtually maintenance free transmitter. >
Drger Polytron 7000 Intrinsically safe gas detector for toxic
gases and oxygen in ambient air. SOFTWARE OPTIONS A number of software dongles with differ-ent software functionality will customizethe transmitter to specific application
needs. >

Sensor Test Dongle

With this dongle, the Drger Polytron7000 performs many patented sensortests to ensure reliability and functionality
of the sensor and the gas detection sys-tem. >

Dräger Polytron 7000
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    2| DRGER POLYTRON 7000 Large Display 34 x 62 mm, 64 x 128 pixel 1.3" x 2.4" Quick Lock mechanism One half turn Ė lockedt Simple 3 button operation...
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    DRGER POLYTRON 7000 |3 ORDER INFORMATION DrĤger Polytron 7000 with 4 to 20 mA output and Sensor Diagnostic Dongle 83 17 980 Drger Polytron 7000...
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