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Catalog Instrumentation and Process Control - 32 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Instrumentation andProcess Control >

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FACTORY TRAINING ROOM SOFTWARE DEPT. DESIN Instruments S. A. main activities are the design, manufacturingand commercialization of Actually, we are working in several research areas focused onthe simplification of the instrumentation in the industrial processes.Our goal is to introduce the Process Control Instrumentation used in theindustry. Since its foundation by Mr. Felix Mateo in the 50th, our Company was well known to be pioneer in using the most advanced technologies in its products. This was possible thanks to the continuous investments in R+D resources, allowing us to achieve the actual...

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Acquisition of 8 analog variables, 8 logic variablesand 8 alarm logic outputs Local Display of reading, channel n, alarms and other parameters Remote Control of logic actuators Alarm-loops associated to the analog inputs 2 counters with reset, inhibition and preset functions Inputs and ranges configurable in Pt 100, 0...4-20 mA, mV and V indistinctly Linearization of user curve Direct output to printer (RS-232) Operating in stand alone mode or in multidrop network up to 255 devices (standard Modbus protocol) Configurable from PC or locally by front keypad in programming and monitoring DIN Rail...

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Input and output of analog variables and logicsignals in remote control systems (1200 m) Remote control of actuators 0..4-20 mA Remote control of logic actuators, relays, etc. Counters Up/Down with inputs for Encoders Configurable from PC through software (included) Field mounting or on 2"pipe (50 mm) DCM-4020 > 2 analog inputs Օ > Pt100, mV, 0..4-20 mA > A/D 16 bit. Accuracy 0.1% Օ > Read rate 24 reading/s. DCM-4002 > 2 analog outputs Օ > 0..4-20 mA, 0-10 V > D/A 12 bit. Accuracy 0.1% Օ > Response time 125 ms US B DCM-4110 > 1 frequency input Օ > Pulse of 24 Vdc/ac RS-485 MOD > Opto-isolation...

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PAC system (Programmable Automation Control)with PLC functions Programmable by Function Blocks from PC Can operate remotely, up to 32 modules interconnected to the same bus 1 version with PID control loop and frequency input 2 versions with analog inputs 3 versions with logic inputs and outputs Functions Or, And, Xor, Set-Reset and Flip-Flop Real time clock with li-type battery Narrow format DIN Rail mounting and on rear panel MAC-3522 > RS-485 MODBUSPLC Modbus Օ > 2 analog inputs > 2 analog outputs Օ > 2 PID loops. 2 relay outputs > 56 Function Blocks MAC-3500 connected to a PLC operating as...

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PAC system (Programmable Automation Control) with PLC functions Programmable by Function Blocks from PC Operating in stand-alone mode or up to 32 modules interconnected to the same communication bus 1 version with PID loop and frequency input 2 versions with analog inputs 3 versions with logic inputs and outputs Functions Or, And, Xor, Set-Reset and Biestable Real time clock with li-type battery Field mounting or on 2"pipe (50 mm) FMC-3522 > RS-485 Modbus Օ > 2 analog inputs > 2 analog outputs Օ > 2 PID loops. 2 relay outputs > 56 Function Blocks FMC-3540 Օ > 4 analog inputs > Pt100, TC (3), mV,...

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Universal Controller MS-5300 > PID Controller provided with an input for remotesetpoint, configurable outputs as ON/OFF, Time Proportional, 4-20 mA, Heat-Cool, Step-by-Step with or without feedback potentiometer Configuration by linear menu from keypad or PC > Classic models of PID controllers or Indicators with alarms Totalizer MS-5200/CNT > TC input (8 types), Pt 100, mV, mA without recalibration > Counter up to 999999 with rangeable frequency, configurable mA output and up to 6 programmable alarms Linearization of special curves configurable by the user > Input for Remote Setpoint or Feedback...

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Indicator with 3 Alarms > Retransmission output mA optional > Analog output mAoptional > Control output 4-20 mA optional > PID control function > բ׏ Temperature control of moving objects using infrared temperature sensor > Control output 4-20 mAoptional > ● Signal converter capable to open the loop and generate a Back-Up signal > ● Auto-Manual station with generation of time variable control signal > Multidrop data acquisition and control including data exchange in the field Format DIN 1/4 > PID control function > ● Integrator of variables in time (Flow, A/h, Kw/h, etc.) displaying the rate and...

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A single type for the most common sensors reducing inventory > Selectable input for Thermocouple and Pt 100 > Eliminate the need to use compensation cable or extension wire > Saves in wiring and room > Safety in signal transmission > Head mounting from 44 mm ( CM-40 ) > Programmable Signal Conditioners Configurable Signal Conditioners Optional input Vac, Iac, Vdc, Idc, Vrms, Irms, Hz, Ohms, etc. > Analog output 0...4-20 mA (V optional) > 1000 V input/output galvanic isolation > Auxiliary power supply 24 Vdc as standard > Programmable Signal Conditioners FAC-24/900 Tight format. Symmetric andasymmetric...

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Centralization, acquisition, control and monitoring of data from PC Monitoring Operating up to 2000 analog variables and logic signals Fully configurable. Intuitive and easy to use Emulation chart recorder with all its functions Presenting data in real time and historic modes Analysis of historic file with search and zoom functions No programming skills required On-line help in any part of the program Free open version (license required) to manage any brand Including drawing tool for synoptic design of the process Dynamic mimics (GIF animated, etc.) operation simulation Access system through windows...

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User access through password configurable as high and low levels > Record of changes and modifications realized by every user indicating date and time, reason of entering the field, as well as, the modified parameters and the original values. > Language selection Spanish or English > PC blocking impeding the access without high level password > Data reading and graphic generation in real time > Data storage in different historical files at the same time > Analysis of data through trends or numeric list > Interactive synoptics designed by an editor (option) > Automatic Backup copy (temporary programming...

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