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Catalogue excerpts

Cranes & Components Demag drives Keeping things on the move

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Demag drives make things move from single gearboxes to complete travel units For cranes and handling equipment Matching our experience to your application Demag Cranes & Components provides material flow, logistics and drive solutions of the highest standard and at peak performance rates - for every field of industry and for companies of all sizes - from small workshops to major industrial corporations. In the interest of our customers, we have applied nearly 200 years of experience in industrial crane manufacture to other applications and made drive technology an integral part of our holistic...

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One source - countless solutions As a leading supplier of drive technology, Demag Cranes & Components provides a full product range: ■ motors, gearboxes and geared motors ■ power supply systems ■ complete travel units. All the individual components are matched to each other because it is only by ensuring perfect interaction be- tween them, and by integrating the intelligent control system, that an efficient overall system can be achieved. Design is a simple matter - with the right system Our modular approach enables you to create economical, individual solutions quickly using standardised modules. This...

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39350-7 38881-1 Demag modular drive technology system – a perfect blend of proven components Offset geared motors Angular geared motors 37399-2 Frequency inverters ■■ DeDrive Compact STO – for motor outputs of up to 110 kW ■■ DeDrive Pro – for motor outputs of up to 560 kW Project planning tools Design software ■■ Online configuration ■■ Online ordering system ■■ 37371-1 Microspeed drives DCL power supply system Up to 200 A at 60% CDF ■■ Up to seven conductors ■■ 4 Conical-rotor brake motors

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Travel unit components ■■ Wheel loads up to 60 t ■■ For universal attachment 39384 39372 DRS wheel block system Helical geared motors 39227 39194-1 LRS travel wheel system RS wheel block system 39378 39383 Cylindrical-rotor brake motors 39399-2 DWS wheel set 39398-2 Cylindrical-rotor motors 5

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Geared motors - combined strengths If you are looking for perfectly matched motors and gearboxes, our modular range of units has been designed to meet your requirements: A-type offset gearboxes A W-type angular gearboxes W D-type helical gearboxes D You can combine these gearboxes with a number Z-type cylindrical-rotor motors Z With or without a brake ZB/ZN ■ For general applications ZBA/ZNA ■ For continuous duty (energy-efficient motors) ZBE/ZNE Conical-rotor brake motors Choose the right brake for the job To allow you to match the braking torque to the specific application, we have a number...

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ntermittent duty E continuous duty, efficiency class IE2 B with integrated brake (ZB, KB) K conical-rotor brake motor Simply adapt our technology to your needs Our modular system is designed to be tailored to the most varied needs. Even the standard versions of these products provide numerous combination possibilities. A wide choice of options and accessories rounds off the range. Mounting variants simplify the task of optimising the design solution. Rotary encoders and temperature detectors enable additional functions to be integrated. V solid shaft with key E splined solid shaft H hollow shaft...

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A-type offset gearboxes – the space-saving alternative 39392-1 If you are looking for space-saving drive units, our A-type offset gearboxes have been designed specifically for that purpose: ■■ wide range of gear ratios ■■ economical high-efficiency solutions ■■ practically orientated design. Offset geared motor with torque bracket arrangement for gentle transmission of drive torque without any radial forces via a solid shaft with involute splines For torques from 130 to 11,500 Nm Thanks to these characteristics, they have become the preferred choice for many travel applications. Variable drive...

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The benefits of design & engineering Demag offset gearboxes feature large shaft centre distances, which benefits: ■ ground-level travel units with large ground clearance ■ central drive arrangements with shafts on both sides. Proven torque transmission method The AM torque bracket arrangement has been designed as a hollow-shaft gearbox with a torque ring integrated in the housing cover (AM 10-40). This torque ring trans- mits the drive torque without any radial forces to Demag DRS wheel blocks via a specially designed torque bracket. This sophisticated combination for travel drives with reversing...

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The compact solution – W-type angular gearboxes 39389-1 If you need angular gearboxes to enable very compact designs, our W-type gearboxes are the answer. They enable travel motions to be provided, for example, even when the distance from the rail is very restricted: ■■ large torques from 120 to 12,000 Nm ■■ broad range of ratios. Universal design of W-type angular geared motor enables flexible fitting Smooth-running hypoid gearboxes Sizes W10 to W50 are designed as hypoid gearboxes: ■■ very smooth running ■■ large transmission ratio range in hypoid stage. Highly efficient bevel gearboxes W60...

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Variable drive output The possible drive shafts include: ■ with a key (on right/left/both sides) ■ with involute splines (on right/left/both sides) ■ with involute splines ■ with shrink disc. Versions with shaft ends on one or both sides: These options make it possible, in combination with the Demag DRS wheel block system, to create solutions with single or central drive arrangements. ■ W10 - W50 hypoid gearboxes for specially smooth running characteristics high efficiency rating ■ Direct input or coupling connection ■ Four housing types ■ Five shaft types ■ Many more options and accessories (see...

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D-type helical gearboxes – the robust ones 39381 If you are looking for tough drive solutions, Demag D-type helical gearboxes are known for their resilience: ■■ torques from 90 to 5,800 Nm ■■ excellent efficiency rating thanks to helical spur gears ■■ high radial forces can be applied through the output shaft. Output – made to measure The output shaft is a solid shaft with a key, due to the coaxial design of the helical gearbox. Helical geared motors with foot mounting for robust drive solutions For torques from 90 to 5,800 Nm Gearbox size Output torque [Nm] D11 For maximum flexibility: three...

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