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Data sheet Generator Paralleling Controller
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The Generator Paralleling Controller (GPC) is a
compact all-in-one microprocessor-based control unit
containing all necessary functions for protection and
control of a synchronous/asynchronous generator. It
contains all necessary galvanically separated 3-phase
measuring circuits.
The GPC is intended for land-based applications. It is
designed for the following applications (can be
1. Stand-alone
2. Parallel with other generators
3. Parallel with the mains
The GPC can synchronise the generator and after
synchronisation carry out all necessary generator
control and protective functions. It is well-suited for
PLC-controlled systems and the interfacing can be
done via binary and analogue I/Os or via (optional)
serial communication.
Display unit
The display unit is separate and can be installed
directly on the main unit or in the front of the
switchboard door (requires option J# - display cable).
The display unit shows all measured and calculated
values as well as alarms and data from the event log.
The displayed values can be configured freely in order
to match the customer or application specific
Operation modes
Four different operation modes can easily be selected
through digital inputs on the standard GPC, and the
governor will be controlled accordingly:
1. Fixed frequency
2. Fixed power (base load)
3. Droop
4. Load sharing
If the automatic voltage regulator is controlled by the
GPC (optional) the standard operation modes are
extended with:
1. Fixed voltage
2. Fixed VAr
3. Fixed power factor
4. VAr sharing
The GPC automatically carries out a cyclical self-test at
start-up. If any errors are found, they will be displayed
in clear text in the display and indicated with a relay
Setup is easily done via a menu structure in the display
(password-protected) or via the RS232 PC connection
and the multi-line 2 Windows® based PC utility
software. The PC utility software can be downloaded
free of charge from The utility software
offers additional features such as monitoring of all
relevant information during commissioning, saving and
downloading of settings and downloading of software
In order to perfectly match the product solution to
specific applications, the functionality of the GPC can
be equipped with a number of available options. The
options selected by the customer will be integrated in
the standard GPC, thus securing the same user
interface unaffected by whether the application needs a
highly complex or a more basic generator controller.
The GPC is approved by the following societies:
TÜV Nord
Principle diagram
AVR control requires option D1.
Please refer to for details and

Generator Paralleling Controller Multi-line 2
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