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Data VS2 Datasheet - English - 12 Pages


The DataVS2 vision sensor series
presents all the characteristics to solve
artificial machine vision applications in
a flexible and intuitive way.
DataVS2 is a completely embedded
device: the optic, the red LED
illuminator and the electronics are
included in an extremely compact
housing. The sensor is configured via
PC through Ethernet communication.
The configuration software is
included in the product and it has
been developed in order to lead the
customer through the configuration
process step by step.
DataVS2 is available in four different
versions according to the installed
control tools: Object Recognition
(OBJ), Advanced Object Recognition
(AOR), Identification (ID) and
Professional (PRO).
Many different control typologies
are available: brightness, contrast,
position, width, count, pattern match,
countour match, 360° pattern match,
barcode and datamatrix reader, OCV,
360° contour match & counter, 360°
defect finder.

• lexible and intuitive setup via PC
through Ethernet
• Memorisation of 20 inspections
• 14 different controls

DataVS2 is ideal for the control of text presence in overprinting and logo
position on food packages, product completeness before packaging, logo
position on cosmetic bottles, correct stamp on post envelopes, liquid
level inside a plastic bottle, correct product orientation on a conveyor belt,
barcode and datamatrix reading.
Stamp control

Part orientation


Level control

Logo control

Barcode & Datamatrix

• 60° pattern match for Advanced
• ogical operators: AND, OR, NOT,
NAND, NOR, ecc.
• URBO mode to double elaboration
• VSM compatibility
• nspection & Identification
functionalities together available
on Professional models

Data VS2 Datasheet - English
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    DataVS2The extremely compact size of theDATAVS sensors is not an obstaclefor the full integration of all theelements for a reliable imagebased control.• Compact...
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    DataVS2TECHNICAL DATATECHNICAL NOTESPower supply:24 Vdc ±10 %Ripple:1 Vpp max with illuminator2 Vpp without illuminatorConsumption:100 mA at 24 Vdc...
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    DataV52 ©DATALOGICSOFTWARE PC STEP1: image setup The first step consists in connecting...
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    DataV52 ©DATALOGICMAXIMUM SIMPLICITY DiscoveryThe Discoveryfunction findsall the sensorsconnected...
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    DataV52 ©DATALOGICEXCELLENT FLEXIBILITYInspection selection• ••••...
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