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D6 Industries - 12 Pages

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D6 Industries
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Catalogue excerpts

D6 Industries High performance thermal solutions for the power electronics industry

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Our Statement D6 is a TEAM. A TEAM of entrepreneurs, engineers, assemblers, and machinists with like goals. As a TEAM we strive to build the highest quality products. We work hard to maintain the highest level of honor while doing so. We partner with our customers to show them they gain a TEAM when they choose us. We push to earn trust from our customer. While it is always our primary goal to achieve 100% quality, delivery, and communication, we know it is not always possible. As a TEAM, we will not be satisfied until we understand where we missed and how to correct it so we are a better TEAM...

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D6 Industries designs and manufactures high performance thermal products for the power electronics industry. We offer a complete line of liquid Cold Plates, high performance bonded fin heatsinks and cooling assemblies. Our extensive knowledge and experience in high performance thermal design has enabled us to maintain an edge in liquid cold plate designs. In today’s power electronics industry, the power density levels keep increasing and so is the need for efficient, high performance cooling methods. D6 continually works to offer new technologies that accomplish the cooling capacity required and...

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HydroBlok Liquid Cooled - Standard /■ \ The D6 HydroBlok series of liquid cold plates are constructed using embedded tubing, pressed into the base plate using high ton force with a channel profile designed to lock the tubing into place after the pressing. This HydroBlok cold plates are precision fly cut on the pressed tube side to give precise flatness for maximum performance. Below are examples of typically stocked HydroBlok standard cold plates. V,_;_;___;___!_/

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Material Options: Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pressed Tube below surface with high thermally conductive bonding epoxy back filled and fly cut. Great for opposite side cooling. A right angle transition is possible. Copper Base Plate with Copper Tube. Pressed flush or pressed below. Also have the option of Silver solder or braze tubing in place. Embed custom fittings and manifolds that can transition through the plate to be accessed from the opposite side of the device mounting Create non traditional serpentine cooling paths that allow you to cool where you need on the base plate.

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The D6 HydroTrak series of liquid cold plates use a patented design and manufacturing technique making it a high performance liquid cold plate. The HydroTrak is embedded square tube designed with cooling paths and features that give Ultra high performance specifically for extreme power densities. Standard products are available for the HydroTrak series.

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The flexibility of the HydroTraks allows a customer to easily alter the cooling path to better fit the concentrated heat areas of the cold plates. Example is a thermal platform for LED burn-in. HydroTrak customized to 6-passs that is broken to two sets of passes allowing mounting holes for (3) 6kW IGBT modules One of the great advantages of the HydroTrak technology is double sided cooling with the same cooling paths. HydroTraks allow a design to run parallel cooling paths in a single plate to maintain the high thermal performance while keeping pressure drops low. Any length, any pattern. Flow...

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Bonded Fin - Standard The D6 Bonded fin heatsinks are manufactured in series of single, dual, and triple fan profiles and assemblies. For both natural convection and forced air cooling. The Bonded fin series can help with thermal designs using air cooling. D6 Industries • 601 S Union St, Lawrence, MA, 01843 • 978-989-0981 • d6industries.com

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With a portfolio of dozens of standard fin ratio base plates, you can design many different bonded fin solutions D6 can manufacture bonded fin heatsinks using both aluminum or copper materials. Staggering fins, interrupted fin population, isolated fin relief, etc. All within our design offerings. Dozens of standard fin ratio heatsinks as narrow as 2” and as wide as 18” Folded fin versions of bonded fin are available as well. D6 Industries • 601 S Union St, Lawrence, MA, 01843 • 978-989-0981 • d6industries.com

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D6 can assemble the custom heatsink or cold plate with the power devices premounted in position for you. D6 can manufacture and install embedded or in series fin-tube heat exchangers to the cold plate or heatsink. D6 specializes in complete resistive load assemblies for high power testing. D6 Carries both Non-Silicone and Silicone thermal grease for the interface between the device and the heatsink.

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D6 Industries offers additional production services on all standard or custom D6 products. These services include: • Full Machining • Plating • Hardware Assembly • Fittings • Manifold Assembly • Leak Test • Pressure Test • Flow Test • Extrusion Processing • Thermal Interface material

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Manufacturing    Engineering, Design & 601 South Union Street    Quick Turn Facility

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