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Wheel Force Sensor - 2 Pages

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Wheel Force Sensor
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WFS Spcifications Sensor - Rated Capacity Fx=24KN, Fy=15KN, Fz=24KN Mx=4.5KN-m, My=4KN-m, Mz=4.5KN-m 22 kg (for the tire size 215/60 R16) 3.2 kg (Sensor part) -10-801C 0.005 %ROy"C 0.005 2000 RPM Weight (Tire + Sensor) Temprature Compensation Range Z驩ro Effect Span Effect Rvolution System Data Output Time Cycle (Compensation calculation processing time is a part of Time Cycle) 1 ms Rsolution * Load(p-p) 6 N (1/4000) 1.8N-m Torque (p-p) Isometric Drawing Rim Sensor - - 1 ■J"~"V""VV-驗 Slip ring Hub WFS Display Screen ►The sensor can be customized to meet your requirements. (Rating, Resolution, Double Tires, etc.) rrilting Position Sensor (Under development) ►Can be applied to Wind Tunnel (Weight balancing type) Hub adapter MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow are registered trademarks of MathWorks. Inc. Windows 2000/XP are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. SIMULINK Enabled Safety Warnlng For proper use, read the instruction manuals carefully before use. MathWorks Partner ..Clearty a Better Value A&D Company, Limited 3-23-14 Higashi-lkebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013 JAPAN Tթlphone: [81] (0)3 5391-6132 Fax : [81] (0)3 5391-6148 Appearance and/or sp镩cifications subject to change for improvement without notice. Contents of this catalog last updated January 2011. *WFS-ADCC-03-BP3-l 11003

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[ModelBasedSensor] Four (4)Key Phrases for A&D-DSP are ■Real-time Simulation ■Model-base ■Torque Demand ■Model Identification. WFS is an epochal sensor utilizing three (3) of the above four (4)Key Phrases, ■Real-time Simulation ■ Model-based ■Model Identification, and brings a realization of Torque Demand. This sensor enables your dreams to become a reality, and expands your horizons towards future development. Super Resolution: 6N 1/4000 High-speed Response 1 ms Application of Balance Technology_ Synthesized Distributed Force Measurement Technology There is a weighing surface on a scale. It has...

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