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Vehicle Measurement System (VMS) Measurement Items ▼ Measurement ▼ Sensor/signal ▼ No. of sensors MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc. •For proper use, read the instruction manuals carefully before use. MjlMiVurki I'jnntr ...Oearly a Better Value A&D Company, Umited A&D Instruments, Ltd. 3-23-14 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima Ku, Tokyo 170-0013 JAPAN Unit 24/26 Blacklands Way Abingdon Business Park, lm Leuschnerpark 4, D-64347 Griesheim, GERMANY 4622 Runway Blvd. Ann Arbor, Ml 48108 U.S.A A&D Technology Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Room 101, No.1 Fu Hai Business Building, No. 289, Zhang Jiang Bi Sheng Road, Shanghai 201204, CHINA •Appearance and/or specifications subject to change for improvement without notice. •Contents of this catalog last updated March 2009. Vehicle Measurement System

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VMS:Vehicle Measurement System The VMS utilizes A&D's ADX controller to measure signals from the wheel force sensors (WFS) and ECU in an integrated way. This complete measurement system collects and synchronizes a wide range of signals that are typically measured separately and processes the integrated measurement data to calculate road slope, road friction coefficient u, and other parameters under conditions such as snow-covered roads. We make measurement software by MATLAB/Simulink, so we can customize calculation logic and CAN settings to build systems that meet users' requirements. Accelerator...

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