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Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer/SV-10 - 4 Pages

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Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer/SV-10
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Sine-wave Vibro ViscometerSine-wave Vibro Viscometer SV-10 / / SV-100 SV-100SV-10 > Viscometry Revolution!Viscometry Revolution! ISO9000 CERTIFIED size="-4">

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Samples with very low viscosity to very high viscosity can be measured without changing the sensor plates, so a wide range of measurements can be made continuously. (SV-10: 0.3mPas-10,000mPa׷s / SV-100: 1,000mPas-100,000mPa׷s) The SV series Tuning-fork Vibration Method does not disturb the sample fluid and allows measurement of cloud point of samples such as surface active agents and of surface/interface changes such as wettability due to its ability to measure a wide range without the need to replace the sensor plates. > The sine-wave Vibro Viscometer SV series, incorporating the innovative Tuning-fork...

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(0.3ז10,000mPas) (1,000ז100,000mPas) > Corrosive-resistant gold-plated sensor plate Sensor Unit Corrosive-resistant gold-plated temperature sensorOnly 35ml of sample needed Easy-to-read VFD for viscosity and temperature.Only 6 keys for simple operation. > Wide range Measurement begins approx. SV-10 0.3mPa׷s10PaַsSV100 1100Paַs 15 secs after pressing the [START] key Main Unit and Display Unit for a variety of applications > The SV series has 2 thin sensor plates that are driven with electromagnetic force at the same frequency by vibrating at constant sine-wave vibration in reverse phase like a...

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