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Dust & Water-Proof Precision Balances FZ - - - iWPFX - iWPFX >
Series iWP iWPFZ >
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Precision Balance/FZ-iWP & FX-iWP series
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    The Worlds First IP65 Compliant, Dust & Water-Proof Precision Dust & W W W a ter-Pro o o f Prec i i i s i o n >(1mg) ( 1 m g ) Balances >Yet...
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    Compact, B5 Size Footprint A & Ds latest, Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS) technology has significantly reduced the size of the FZ- >ii i WP/FX-...
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    Specifications FZ-120AWP FZ-200/WP FZ-300/WP FZ-1200/WP FZ-2000/WP FZ-3000/WP FX-120 iWP FX-200AWP FX-300/WP...
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