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Portable Data Acquisition System Omnilight II - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

flijeF; Portable Data Acquisition System RM1100 Excels in both Lab and Field The compact RM1100 Portable Data Recorder provides reliable data collection in challenging environments. A large 7-inch wide TFT LCD color touch screen display and refined GUI are ideal for quick setup, data capture and playback. With "Real Time", "Memory" and SD Card recording modes plus up to one microsecond sampling rate, the RM1100 handles the most demanding high speed applications. Using a SD Card or PC via Ethernet ensures long continuous recording. Waveform printing is available with optional thermal printer. This AC or battery-operated recorder with rugged casing satisfies your requirements for predictive maintenance, quality control, R&D, automobile driving tests and remote-controlled data acquisition.

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Robust Design, Sturdy Constri I Shock Resistant Rugged aged Casing Small, lightweight instruments are prone to be slipping off from workbenches or being dropped during field tests and transportation. The quality structure of the RM1100 withstands harsh drops (IEC60068-2-32 equivalenti^mllter drop onto flat aluminum plate with the unit not being operated).* The product design was tested to comply with IEC60529 standard when the optional splash-resistant cover (RM11-402) is installed on input terminals, power supply and connecting cables. When installed appropriately, the RM1100 can be used in tough...

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I Versatile Measuring Capability I Multiple Measuring Modes Select from 3 measuring modes— 'Memory Mode' for saving fast events, 'Filing Mode' for saving data for long periods of time on an SD card, and 'Real-time Mode' for printing out waveforms using an external Measuring Modes •Memory mode Data is saved to built-in memory (2M data/channel) at a maximum speed of 1jus (1M samples/second). Measured data is displayed, printed with an external printer, or saved on a SD card. Memory size Data length Memory divisions Pre-trigger mode Memory Recording Time Supports optional SD card •Real-time mode Real-time...

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I Functions to Support Measurement on Site I Dynamic Waveform Display The wide 7'LCD allows dynamic waveform display of up to 8 channels. Users can also set numeric value and waveform screen division for various Touching near input signals creates a pop up dialog box for changing signal position & waveform width, and allows selection of channel, vertical position or waveform width.

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I Convenient Features and More Timer control function Automatic measurement with preset time and interval.

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BNC-Adapter for safety jacks High current AC/DC Clamp Meter 2009R Medium current BNC-Adapter for safety jacks This unit detects AC or DC voltage and outputs as High/Low. It supports 4 channels Thermocouple Covered and sheathed thermocouples Alligator clip code Rotation pulse BNC-Adapter for safety jacks Voltage input Temperature Input Logic input -At voltage input (0 to +5V) or At contact Battery pack Battery charger Splash-resistant cover Carrying case Thermal printer Recording paper Input Signal (impact acceleration) Strain, load, Amp-embedded charge Charge converter This unit is necessary when piezoelectric...

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The product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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Main Unit & Accessories "Above specifications are subject to change without notice. ...Clearly a Better Value 3-23-14 Higashi-lkebukuro, Toshima-ku.Tokyo 170-0013 JAPAN • For proper use, read the instruction manuals carefully before use •Appearance and/or specifications subject to change for improvement without notice. • Contents of this catalog last updated August 2015.

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