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Pipette Management Solutions by A&D - 8 Pages

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Pipette Management Solutions by A&D
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Pipette Management Solutions by A&D For quick checking of pipette airtightness… To protect research results from the threat of nonconformities For verification of pipette accuracy and precision… Pipette Accuracy Testers: BM Series + BM-014, etc. For easy implementation of daily and periodic pipette checks…

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What If You Were Told to Create a Pipette Management SOP * Within Three Weeks? 1 1 *1 Standard Operating Procedure Today, what with GLP and ISO, researchers are in increasing need of sustainable ways to verify the quality and performance of their pipettes in-house. The problem is, however, that many of them would be at a loss as to what exactly they should put into actual practice. Wouldn’t you be too? Not to worry, though. A&D provides the following powerful solutions that you can use to introduce a simple, viable SOP for pipette management. Leak Tester Pipette failures typically occur due to...

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Advantages ✔ Takes only seconds to tell whether the pipette has a leak ✔ Changes pressure by evacuating air instead of injecting it*2, so that no dust enters the pipette being tested ✔ Easily replaceable air filter, which protects the AD-1690 from dust when it intakes air ✔ Equipped with an RS-232C interface to output test results to an external device such as the AD-1695 Pipette Professional (see later pages) ✔ Four attachments and one adapter tube provided to fit various tip sizes and shapes *2 A pressurization method is available upon request. Pipette Accuracy T esters AD-4212A-PT FX-300i-PT...

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✓ Automatic mass-to-volume conversions and judgments for accuracy and repeatability using the special "WinCT-Pipette" software ✓ Judgments by your preferred criteria - manufacturer specifications, IS08655, or ✓ Outputs the test results in an A4 or letter-size report format for documentation ✓ A liquid thermometer, evaporation trap, and calibration weight with a pair of tweezers included as standard ✓ Comes packed neatly in a handy carrying case for use in multiple places*4*5 *5 Not advisable when using the 0.001 mg range oftheAD-4212B-PT Evaporation Trap* The evaporation trap maintains a high...

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Also available... Micro Analytical Balances Pipette Accuracy Testing Kit The BM-014 can be used with any model of the BM series (both 5 mL and 30 mL cups are provided). This setup is ideal if you also want to use the balance for purposes other than pipette accuracy testing as an ordinary analytical balance. ISO8655 Requirements (Gravimetric Method) Maximum Permissible Error Balance Repeatability Accuracy Readability (Systematic Error) Recommended Models (Random Error) Daily inspection, simplified verification ✦1 The maximum volume selectable for variable volume pipettes ✦2 Please select the BM-20/22...

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... Still not comfortable enough with what you should do? Then how about getting some professional help? Stop dwelling on how to put the said tasks and tools in order by yourself. Leave everything to the AD-1695. All you have to do is follow the displayed instructions and touch the screen to enter necessary information, commands, selections, etc., so you can perform daily and periodic checks in ways already laid out by A&D for you. Daily check (basic check) function For daily checks, you are simply asked to determine whether the condition is "met" or "not met" for each check item. The check items...

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Periodic check (volume test) function The AD-1695 enables you to easily test for pipette volume accuracy and repeatability by connecting it to provided by WinCT-Pipette are also available on the AD-1695, so that you can complete both the basic check and volume test one after another without using a PC. *8 Either the pipette accuracy testers or the BM series with BM-014 are strongly recommended, as they come with an evaporation trap and other useful accessories. Reporting results The daily and periodic check results can be output to a USB flash drive in PDF report formats. A reference number, location name,...

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Specifications Options & Accessories AD-1690 (Leak Tester) Depressurization value Pressure change tolerance inside the main unit (Adapter × 1, attachment × 4, adapter tube × 1) Pressure change tolerance: From Leak judgment conditions (Filter unit × 1, filter element × 10) Pump operation time Power supply Carrying case *i Rechargeable battery unit Monitoring time: From 1 second Weighing data logger *ii For the AD-1690 and its AC adapter with additional space for the AD-1682 *ii Leak test data can also be stored Pipette Accuracy Testers *iii Models Minimum weighing value Repeatability (standard...

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