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MPA Series of Single Channel Electronic Pipettes - 6 Pages

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MPA Series of Single Channel Electronic Pipettes
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Single Channel Electronic Pipettes Accurate pipetting at all times ...Clearly a Better Value

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If you still think manual pipettes are good enough, it’s time to THINK AGAIN Now take a moment to consider the facts presented here. You will then realize why A&D’s new and original electronic pipettes, the MPA series, should be your future choice in pipettes ! Greater Ease, Yet Higher Precision Accuracy assured for everyone at all times Unlike manual pipettes, dispensed quantities will not vary with each individual or each pipetting motion. Automatic operation ensures uniform accurate pipetting for both novice and expert alike, making anyone’s assays always reliable. In reality, it is extremely...

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Various useful pipetting modes Apart from standard automatic aspirating and dispensing (AUTO mode), the following functions help greatly reduce time, stress and error associated with certain pipetting tasks: Multiple dispensing (MD) mode The MD mode lets you divide one aspirated volume (e.g. 1200 µL) into multiple dispensings of a smaller volume (e.g. 100 µL × 12 times). Use of this function will dramatically increase efficiency when you have to deliver the same amount of sample repeatedly into microplate wells, etc. The MPA series automatically prevents error due to backlash ★ , which presents...

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A&D’s Pipette Management Solutions The following tools let you manage the quality and performance of your pipettes readily in-house (allowing documentation and compliance with ISO8655). For quick checking of pipette airtightness… Leak Tester: AD-1690 For verification of pipette accuracy and repeatability… Pipette Accuracy Testers: BM Series + BM-014, etc. For easy implementation of daily and periodic pipette checks… Pipette Professional: AD-1695 Calibration and display in a unit of weight (mg)★ With the MPA series, you can choose to calibrate and display the pipetting amount based on the weight...

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Quickly detachable lower part The MPA series entails a much smaller risk of contamination inside the cylinder since electronic control produces no accidental, excessive suction of the sample. When necessary, the lower part of the MPA series (including the tip holder and piston) can be quickly separated for autoclave sterilization (121 °C, 2 atm, 20 min) or replacement with a new one (supplied as an accessory – AX-LOW-10/20/200/1200). Simple function and operation settings Changing the operation mode, volume(s), aspirating and dispensing speeds*5, etc., is simple and straightforward. Further, up...

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Capacity range Increment Performance *7 *8 Volume Operation mode Standard mode (AUTO), Multiple dispensing mode (MD), Mixing mode (MIX), System setting mode (SYS) 9 programs Program memory Aspirating/dispensing speed High precision stepping motor Pipette drive method Automatic power off after 10 minutes of inactivity Power saving function Maximum number of pipetting cycles Charging time Input: AC 100 to 240V, Output: DC 5V / 1A, Plug shape: selectable Autoclave treatment Possible for the lower part of the pipette (121°C, 2 atm, 20 minutes) Operating environment Weight (including the battery) dispensing...

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