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Moisture Analyzer/M series - 6 Pages

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According to sample up to 20 suitable measurement conditions can be stored and recalled, which saves time and prevents the user from making a mistake when setting (10 for MF 5 for ML)For measurement result, up to 100 data can be stored and output at once (50 for MF 30 for ML) > Five choices of measurement programs, Standard, Automatic, Quick, Timer, and Manual Mode are provided Standard Mode : Just measurement accuracy, HI, MID or LO needs to be setAutomatic Mode : Ends measurement when moisture content changes at a rate less than the set rate Quick Mode : Begins heating samples at 200 ְ C for...

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t moisture analyzer c ation-Test with The Best 5 5 / / MF-50 MF-50 / / ML-50 ML-50 > MSMXMFML Progress window for heating check Secondary Radiation Assist SRA Heating process can be checked through translucent window StraightHalogen Lamp Self Check function Defect check function is available along with temperature control Quick Reference Card A convenient operating guide is installed at the bottom of the analyzer MOISTURE Standard RS-232C Bi-directional communication with a PC or connects directly to a printer Conformity to GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO with date/time, ID, calibration data and check record...

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With our WinCTMoisture software, data measured by the Moisture Analyzers can be easily displayed on your computer. Effective for determining measurement conditions such as heating temperature, > and useful in reducing the time needed for measurement and improving accuracy. > Moisture rate Change in moisture rate (RsFig) Displays changes in moisture rate in real time > Heats at the highest temperature without changing the physical properties of the sample and provides measurements with good repeatability > ְ C-200 (RsTemp) C. From the moisture rate change over that time can determine the most suitable...

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