Model Predictive Feeder Controller/AD-4826 - 6 Pages

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Model Predictive Feeder Controller/AD-4826
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Patent pendingPatent pending For high-speed, highly accuratecontinuous feeding of powder and dry solids Model predictive feeder controllerVibratory feeder AD-4826 AD-4826-30G/200G/500G > size="-3">

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Set point value (SV) Manipulated variable (MV)Processvariable (PV)Disturbance > Gross weightFlow rate > (change in weight) Manipulatedvariable > g/secMV(v) Gross (g)g/secMV(v)Gross (g) Time (sec) Time (sec)Time (sec)Electromagnetic feeder model predictive controlElectromagnetic feeder PID control Gross weight Flow rate Set point Manipulated variable >

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Flow rate indicator Net weight indicator Target weightsetting boxFeeder number Feeders 1-4display selection To display the trendgraph screen To display the feederlimit setting screen To display the continuousfeeding setting screen Start/Stopcontrol buttonGross weightindicatorAccumulation value indicatorTarget flow ratesetting boxManipulative variableindicatorMV manual setting button > Gross weightFlow rate Target flow rate Manipulative variable size="-1">

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