GX-A/GF-A Series of Multi-Functional Precision Balances - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Multi-Functional Precision Balances Discover new ways to ensure accuracy, durability and productivity...! ISO 9000 CERTIFIED ...Clearly a Better Value http://www.aandd.jp

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Introducing The Next Generation Of Automated Weighing Applications Today, it has become commonplace for materials to be weighed with automated devices. As precision balances are increasingly used in that way not just in production lines/systems but also in laboratories, users now face a range of unexpected problems. Fact 1: Precision balances are designed to measure static loads only. The weight sensor of a precision balance, regardless of its manufacturer, breaks in a short period if it is continuously affected by loads with acceleration (i.e. impact shocks). This typically occurs in factories...

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Solution: Auto Precision Assessment (APA) The GX-A/GF-A series is designed with A&D's latest technology, Electronically Controlled Load (ECL). This technology artificially generates a minute load (0.3 to 3% of the weighing capacity) by altering the equilibrium state of the weight sensor. ♦ After making a quick diagnosis of whether there is a critical failure, the balance indicates the standard deviation (i.e. repeatability) calculated from 10 repeated measurement with ECL on the spot. The entire process takes only 1.5 minutes. ♦ Patent pending or vice versa by selecting one of three preset *1...

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Flow rate comparator The indication allows you to monitor whether the flow rate is kept within the designated limits. Tare memory The tare value can be saved in non-volatile memory so that the remaining amount of the material in the container can be displayed again*3, even if power is disrupted for any reason during loss-in-weight measurement. *3 When this function is activated, the power-on re-zero/tare is turned off. On top of the above, the GX-A/GF-A series has many advanced and practical features and is perfect for manual weighing applications. RS-232C and USB interfaces as standard For the...

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Data management, documentation and compliance Minimum weight calculation based on the APA From the standard deviation obtained using ECL described earlier, the GX-A/GF-A series also calculates and indicates the minimum weight at the installation location*5 in accordance with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standard. the ambient environmental conditions on repeatability is *5 The effects of unlike the values shown in catalogs as "ideal" or "typical".taken into account, Minimum weight alert To ensure that the measured sample quantity meets the minimum weight requirement, the GX-A/GF-A series...

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2nd RS-232C interface*8 Comparator relay output/buzzer/external key input interface*8 Enables signaling check weighing results (5 steps) by buzzer and/or external comparator (traffic) lights. It also has two jacks for separately-sold foot switches. Ethernet interface*8 Built-in rechargeable battery (factory-installed/dealer option) *8 10 hours of charging for 14 hours of operation (the remaining battery level will be indicated on the display). The balance can be used while recharging the battery. Large glass breeze break Animal weighing pan (for models of 320 g capacity or higher) Use together...

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AD-8529PC/PR-W Bluetooth converters Enable wireless communication between a balance/scale and a PC/printer using low-energy Bluetooth*10 (line-of-sight distance approx. 10 m when there is no radio wave interference). AD-8529PC-W for communication with a PC Approx. 10 m D-Sub connector AD-8529PR-W for communication with a printer Please contact your local *10 is certified for complianceA&D representative to find out whether the AD-8529PC/PR-W with Bluetooth communication laws in your country. Dimensions (mm/inches) D-Sub connector

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Specifications Models Weighing capacity Minimum weighing value Repeatability (standard deviation) Linearity Stabilization time (when set to FAST under a good environment) Sensitivity drift Accuracy immediately after internal calibration (for the GX-A series) i Operating environment Display refresh rate Units of measure11 ±2 ppm/°C (10 to 30 °C/50 to 86 °F, when automatic self-calibration is OFF) Counting mode Minimum unit mass Number of samples Percent mode Minimum 100% reference mass Minimum 100% display Communication interface Applicable calibration weight value 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F), 85%RH...

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