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Data Acquisition System Omniace III - 16 Pages

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Data Acquisition System Omniace III
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Catalogue excerpts

DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM _ "Measurement by Anybody, at Any Field and Any Time!!" ...Clearly a Better Value

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Easy Data Recording at Various Fields!! ● Long-term Recording on Built-in HDD!! ● The RA2300A/RA2800A Omniace Ⅲ is a data acquisition device that enables you to acquire/record data with simple operation. Reduced condition setting time and easy measurement can be realized by virtual amplifier setup, a touch-panel and dynamic waveform display on a large LCD. The RA2300A/RA2800A features with various measuring modes such as HD Recorder (for long-term recording on a 40GB HDD) or Memory Recorder (for fastspeed event recording). The RA2300A/RA2800A will bring you success in many measuring opportunities...

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Supporting Measurement at Various Fields(Operation & Displays) ■ Dynamic waveform display This system has large 12.1 inch LCD and shows dynamic waveforms. Displaying number and dividing waveforms are voluntarily settable so that various waveforms to every application are available. RA2300A  Numerical value + amp setup display RA2800A  Image of divided waveforms and vertical scroll ■ Easy operation with rich features Setup displays with virtual mechanical switch or jog dial allows users to understand input amplifier settings easily. By using both 12.1” large LCD and the touch panel, measuring conditions...

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User Selectable Measuring Modes Users can easily select from five (5) Measurement Modes - Pen Recorder mode for real time strip chart recording, HD Recorder mode for long term recording of data to a HDD, X-Y Recorder mode for displaying/recording X-Y correlation of two signals, a Multi Recorder mode captures transients while recording steady-state signals, and a Memory Recorder mode for recording fast events. Measuring Modes Memory Recorder Multi Recorder ■ Easy “Pen Recorder” The “Pen Recorder” is a measuring mode with simple operation of pen recorders. The waveforms are displayed with “moving...

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■ “Memory Recorder”: For Fast Event Recording This mode is for recording fast events with internal memories*1. Unused memories can be utilized, so maximum of 32MW is available for memory recording if used only one channel. Measurements under various conditions are also possible by using many trigger functions. *1 RA2300A memory : fastest 1μs by 2MW/CH    RA2800A memory : fastest 2μs by 1MW/CH ● Trigger Mode OR : Activates if signal of ANY selected channel reaches trigger level. AND : Activates if signals of ALL selected channels reach trigger level. WINDOW : Activates if signal of selected channel(s)...

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High speed* and high resolution(80 dots/mm at 25mm/s) recording is available. Customizable waveform division & printing size. Location and amplitude of digital signals can be changed by 8 channels. Paper-feed speed of RA2300A is max 100mm/s and that of RA2800A is max 50mm/s. Channel mark Measuring information Event signals Scales can be printed after waveforms. One to sixteen divisions can be selected to 1 Customizable Width Size Users can print waveform at selected width( 10 Data Acquisition System

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Various Features (Replay Monitor) ■ Easy Search of Large Data Below functions are available for searching long-term and large data easily. Jump Search ● Thumbnail Bar : This function displays a waveform image(one selected channel) of recorded data on a thumbnail bar. It does not only allow users to see whole waveform image easily but to get enlarged by touching. Enlarged Image on the Monitor Replay Monitor ● Jump Search : There are four jump search modes as followings. ■ Event… Move to marked event ■ Address(Time)… Move to elapsed time from start ■ Max/Min… Move to max/min of recorded data ■ Time…...

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Options and Utilities ■ Remote Control by PC Software - Unifizer NS3000 Series This PC application software enables the user to remotely program set-up configurations, record data, make arithmetic computations, and analyze data. ◆ Remote Control Feature Remotely control all RA series units via Ethernet. Control mainframe data acquisition functions, signal conditioning amplifiers, IR thermal imager and NEC-ATI approved A/D boards and visible light cameras. ◆ Multiple Mathematic Operations and FFT Analysis Math operations including Arithmetic/Trig/Log/Calculus functions and FFT real-time and post...

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■ Multiple Unit Synchronization – Model RA28-132 (Model RA2800A units only) The Model RA28-132 Synchronization option allows multi-channel memory recording among multiple connected Model RA2800A units. Up to 10 units can be daisy chain connected to expand channel capacity to 320 channels. One unit is a master and the others are slaves. All recorded data is time synchronized with the sampling clock of the master unit. The high speed, multi-channel time synchronized data recorded by the RA2800A master and slave units is also simultaneously triggered. The trigger signal to simultaneously start and...

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Input Unit Selection Block Diagram Input Signal Isolated BNC cable ±500V (0311-5175) (DC or AC peak) High current Medium current Low current Input units BNC-safety jacks adapter (0243-3021) BNC-safety jacks adapter (0243-3021) Voltage fluctuation Voltage Temperature detection Thermocouple R, T, J, Covered and seathed thermocouples K, and W* *W can only be used in AP11-106A. Input Signal  Vibration (impact acceleration) Charge converter This unit is necessary when piezoelectric accelerometers are used. Strain, load, displacement, acceleration and torque Strain gauge Strain gauge sensors: Load cell,...

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Basic Specifications ■ Basic Specifications Display Channel 12.1-inch TFT color LCD Effective screen area : 245.76mm x 184.32mm (1024 x 768 pixels) RA2300A : 16ch ( 8 slots) + digital input 16ch (optional) ON/OFF of locas enabled (pen up & down) Input signall monitor, freeze, copy and X-Y display during data recording available. Printer Thermal printing using a thermal head Axis Setting X-axis: 1 channel, Y-axis: 3 channels Measuring Speed RA2800A : 32ch (16 slots) + digital input 16ch (Cable is optional) Printing Method ■ Measuring Mode (Acquisition/Recording) Specifications X-Y Recorder Data...

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