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High technology support ► Rotation Torque Sensor AD7832 series torque meter specifications Torque sensor Total error range Tenoerati/e tfect at rero corn TemoeraT^re range for coeratcn Totsionel stiffness Torsional resonance frequency Torsion angle AlioweDle overload Maximum overload Maximum thrust load Maximum radial toad Maximum curve moment Sensor signal processor Exterior dimensions Power supply_ Power consumption Operation temperature range Input: 90 - 240V 50-60Hz. output: DC12V3A. Supply from AC adaptor Rotary pulse Input Line driver differential input (RS422/485 conformity) 3ch (A phase. B Dhase, Z phase) CAN Hi-soeed CAN (differential signal t/F) CAN 2.0B Ich Analog output Single end output 3ch (toroue. revolution velocity and revolution angle) Digital Input ] Current drive input by photocoupler Insulation (sink type) 2ch (range switch, zero point adjustment) Digital output Open collector output by photocoupler Insulation, 3ch (range switch, status and watchdog output) Serial communication *2: Measured with static toroue testing including non-linearity and hysteresis *4: Measured with static toroue testing. *6: Value after revolution zero calibration *7: Torsion angle on rated toroue value. "lAV'ts an abbreviation of IAV GmbH. MATLAB/Simulink/Statefiow are registered trademarks of The MathWorks. Inc. Safety Warning! IPIease read the Instruction manuals carefully before use. ...Clearly a Better value 3-23-14 Higa5hi fceOukuro Toshima Ku. Tokyo 1704013 JAPAN hnp://www aandd.|p 4622 Runway Blvd Ann Arbor. Ml 48108 U S A A&D Europe GmbH UK Branch Unfl 24/26 BtacMands Way Abingdon Business Park. Abingdon. Oxoo 0X14 1DY UNITED KINGDOM A&D Technoloqy Trodinq (Shanghai) Co., Lid. A&D Australasia Pty Ud. 21 A. Majesty Building. No 138 Pudong Avenue. Pudong New Area. Shanghai. 200120. CHINA Hawaiian 8Bg 8F 33-2 VcMtrtCty. YwngWgogpo^. Sto>. KOREA •Aooearances and/or specifications subject to imorovement without notice. •Contents of this catalog last uDdated March 2013. High technology support ^B^S^U^ AD7832 series torque sensor Rotation Torque Sensor (RTS) eal torque measurement using component force measurement •Double range with high accuracy (without degrading the total accuracy) capabilities #Total accuracy : 0.03% ouble range : Total accuracy of 1 /3000 is guaranteed at 1 /5 of full scale Energy Flow Model for the Torque Demand Concept

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Rotation Torque Sensor The AD7832 series is a range of torque sensors with distributed force detection, created with A&D's DSP technology and high-speed telemetry technology. Hjgh technology supports The AD7832 series enables simultaneous, non-contact measurement of torque, thrust, and radial forces. The series can measure and display high-speed, detailed phenomena faster and at a higher resolution than conventional sensors. Features of distributed force measurement technology •Conventional torque sensors and component force meters have a bridge circuit made up of 4 strain gauges for each torque...

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Rotation Torque Sensor AD7832 series sensors are designed to withstand harsh conditions of torsion stiffness, torsion angle and maximum bending moment. Hjgh technology support Even in configurations demanding radial and thrust load conditions, each component moment is accurately and separately measured. ♦Engine bench testing example Torque generated from combustion pressure reaches torque several times higher than the engine's nominal torque. The high accuracy, wide dynamic range and high series of sensors enables them to analyze the behavior of generated torque and combustion pressure in a multi...

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The AD7832 series is a range of torque sensors with distributed force detection method, created with A&D's DSP and high-speed telemetry technology. These torque sensors achieve high 1 /3000 sensitivity and robustness at the same time. Therefore, it is possible to mount them directly to the engine crank shaft and CVJ shaft for precise torque measurement. Customers can select two kinds of configuration (Set-A or Set-B) as a standard. Depending on the applications of the user, the rotation detector type, cable length, etc. Can be selected from the available options. Scope of supply: Torque sensor,...

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