AD-4212D Series of Micro Analytical Weighing Sensors - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Micro Analytical Weighing Sensors The secret to making a perfect weighing system is simply choosing the right balance!

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High Resolution, High Stability, Space-Saving And Cost-Saving The AD-4212D series brings the precision of high-end laboratory analytical balances to production lines/systems with unprecedented flexibility and utility. Additionally, it brings the ease of installation of in-line/built-in weighing sensors to laboratories for use inside certain kinds of equipment. Read on and find out what that means— Minimum weighing value from 1 µg The AD-4212D enables the most minute weight measurement and control for processes such as dispensing. EM-DLC *1 technology for direct connection to a PC or PLC The AD-4212D...

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AD-8922A, AD-8923-BCD and AD-8923-CC Remote Controllers (all sold separately) In addition to displaying weight values, performing re-zero, calibration, etc., the AD-8922A can output BCD, comparator or analog data by choosing the appropriate accessory. The AD-8923-BCD and AD-8923-CC can transmit the weighing data through BCD and CC-Link respectively.*4 AD-8526 Serial/Ethernet Converter (sold separately) Via the AD-8526, the RS-232C output from the AD-4212D can be converted and connected to LAN-Ethernet. *4 The AD-8923-BCD/CC only displays the last six digits (but outputs the complete data). Equipped...

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Weighing capacity Minimum weighing value Repeatability (standard deviation) Linearity Stabilization time (when set to FAST under a good environment) Sensitivity drift Operating environment Display refresh rate Environment sensors Measurement accuracy: temperature ±1.5˚C, humidity ±10%, atmospheric pressure ±10 hPa Applicable range: 5˚C to 40˚C Bi-directional, 600-19200 bps I/O unit (RS-232C) Applicable calibration weight value Weighing pan size Dimensions 167.5(W) × 298(D) × 170(H) mm (with the small breeze break) 167.5(W) × 298(D) × 90(H) mm (without the small breeze break) Approx. 3.6 kg Weight...

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