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Model W2.5 x L6.5 Mini Probe Station - 6 Pages

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Model W2.5 x L6.5 Mini Probe Station
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Catalogue excerpts

Data Sheet The W2.5 x L6.5 mini probe station is a manual probe station designed for a versatile and comfortable operation on up to 2.5” wafers or 2.5” x 6.5” printed circuit board assemblies. This mini probe station is affordable and offers a flexible design with portability in mind. It is light weight and can be transferred in the custom transport case (sold separately) to wherever you need to make your measurements - laboratory, office, “in the field”, etc. With the size of a page of paper, the probe station fits easily in front of equipment without obstructing it. If needed, use a microscope for more accurate probe placement. The microscope, on its own separate stand, can be brought from the side not to block your test equipment. The X – Y positioning is free floating which allows for quick positioning at the angle you need. The Z positioning is via a digital readout in micrometers or inches for repeatable probe “touch-downs”. You can sit or stand while using this unit due to the very low table to chuck height. Features/ Benefits Ideal for a wide range of applications such as wafer test or PCB test for mm-Wave, Microwave, RF or Automotive applications Can be used for mid-bus probing, differential probing, single ended probing, and hand-held (with probe holder) probing The probe station can be customized for specific tests, for example, multi-pin connector holder, PCBAs, probe risers, etc. Multiple probe mounting positions (9 mounting holes on each probe holder) allows more freedom for probe deployment or multiple probe deployment and additional accessories Vacuum chuck Variety of accessories are available such as wafer probes, TDR probes and probe holders Model W 2.5 x L6.5 Probe Station www

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Ease of Use Fully Portable Simple design for straight-forward-use Small footprint, low profile Allows placement very close to the instrumentation Stability    Solid station frame X - Y probe holder locks Vibration Isolation feet Probe Positioner Model W 2.5 x L6.5 Probe Station www.d-coax.com

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***refer to Drawing section, Drawing 3 Facility Requirements Transport Case Vacuum Pump Vacuum Bleed Valve Pneumatic Fitting Tubing Microscope Microscope Stand Wafer Probe Adapter Probe Holder Omni Probe OmniJet Probe 65 GHz flexible cable 40 GHz flexible cable 65 GHz Flexible Pair 40 GHz Flexible Pair D-COAX, 140-00102-00, transport case for W2.5 x L6.5 mini probe station Gast, P/N DOA-P701-AA, 115 Volts, 60 Hz, single phase, vacuum up to 29 in. Hg (31 mbar) Pneumadyne, C040501, exhausting 3-way vacuum valve edraulicsDirect, INB103-104-020, pneumatic fitting, quick disconnect, % inch AutomationDirect,...

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Drawing 1: X-Y travel range (all dimensions are in inches). GGB wafer Pico probe is used as example on this drawing. The probe length used in example is 1.3020 inch long from the center of the mounting whole to the tip of the probe. Depending on the probe length, the X range will be shifted either to the left or to the right. This probe is 1.300 inches from tip to center of the mounting ho e L L-.j The probe on this side mav be mounted The probe on this side may be mounted signifies the probe movement range: signifies the probe movement range Model W 2.5 x L6.5 Probe Station www.d-coax.com

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The probe arm has a Z-travel of 0.350 inches. The bottom of the travel starts 0.095 inches below the platen surface Model W 2.5 x L6.5 Probe Station www.d-coax.com

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Drawings (continued) Drawing 3: Location and size of the vacuum holes (all dimensions are in inches) D-COAX, Inc. Corporate Headquarters Phone: (503) 922-2436 Email: info@d-coax.com Pacific Northwest Sales Contact Tom Stevenson Phone: (503) 297-5968 Email: stevenson.t@pnwrep.com Model W 2.5 x L6.5 Probe Station www.d-coax.com 6

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