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CreatorOptics Zinc Selenide ( ZnSe ) Windows, custom made

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Zinc Selenide ( ZnSe ) Windows Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) is a preferred material for infrared (IR ) windows for its low absorptivity at infrared wavelength and its visible transmission. Creator optics (CNCO) supply high quality ZnSe windows with custom size. All of these custom made ZnSe windows are designed to be used in precision optical, CO2 laser and infrared (IR )systems. The circumference is fine ground and both edges are no-chips beveled. At the same time, we can apply high-quality infrared optical coatings to these ZnSe Windows. • Laser grade CVD Zinc Selenide crystal • Circular /Round Parallel Plane window • Rectangular / Square Parallel Plane window • Circular or Rectangular Wedge window • Elliptic Parallel Plane Window • Step and Conical Parallel Plane window • Special Cutting Window

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