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CENTERLINE Butterfly Valves
Series 200
Butterfly Valves for
General Applications
Crane Process Flow Technologies being a
member of Crane Valve Group belong to the
largest valve manufacturers worldwide.
Decades of experience in valve manufacturing
ensure our customers matured products
and reliable supply of valves which are
manufactured and tested according to the
highest quality standard.
The Crane Butterfly Valve Programme now
offers valves for most industrial applications
ranging from the simplest in building
engineering up to the highest demands in
power stations, chemical or petrochemical
In line with world-wide demands, our butterfly
valves are manufactured according to several
international standards and regulations.
An extensive distribution and service network
offers our customers continuous security
while using Crane armatures.
CENTERLINE Butterfly Valves Series 200 for
Shut Off and Control in Gas and Liquid Lines
up to 16 bar and Temperatures up to 120°C.
DN 50 - 1200
PN 10, 16, ANSI 150
-20°C to +120°C
Leakage rate 1 according to EN 12266-1
to 16 bar
For ON/OFF and control operation
Overall length according to EN 558-1
Series 20
Insulation possible according to heating plant
Quality assurance according to ISO 9001
"ABS approval" for equipping ships
Ranges of Application
CENTERLINE Butterfly Valves Series 200
Valves of the Series 200 can be used
wherever pressures of 16 bar and
temperatures of 120°C are not exceeded or
where the available elastomer liners and
discs are resistant against the medium.
Typical Applications are:
Cooling water
Sewage water
Compressed air
Hot water plants up to 120°C
Available Versions
Wafer body made of cast iron and nodular
cast iron, lug type and double flange body
made of nodular cast iron
Liners: EPDM or NBR
Disc: High-grade steel or aluminium-bronze
Actuation: hand lever, gear-box or automatic

CENTERLINE Butterfly Valves Series 200
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    Butterfly Valves Series 200CL-200-0001-GB-11.07/GP
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    3Actuator flange:Permits installation of all automaticactuators, hand levers, gear-boxesaccording to ISO 5211.1458923PTFE linings:Reduce torque and prevent"corrosion”...
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    Due to constant development and innovation, we reserve the right to make changesto technical specifications as and when required.© Copyright 2005...
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