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EXTRUSION RICAL process.A - 3 Pages

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EXTRUSION RICAL process.A RICAL® PROCESS Knife beating on anvil Material flow Knife A Anvil B Slots Contact zone of beating movement High of horizontal mesh: H Conforming device Wigth of vertical mesh: W The rical process: rectangular mesh The extrusion die head is composed of two parts, the anvil B in the form of a mandrel rod (the anvil) and the knife A in the shape of a ring, fitting one into the other. Knife is moved by reciprocating movement offering two working position, up and down. Slots have been cut in the anvil all along the generating lines of its contact surface with the knife. When...

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EXTRUSION RICAL process.A RICAL® PROCESS Double hydraulic actuator coupled with a frequency generator Extruder Die head Tooling: anvil and knife Conformator sizer Cooling tank Extrusion of the vertical filament, down position UP DOWN NOTE: the extrusion process is the same for all types of net.

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