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Low Cost. Compact. Reliable.
The Type 500X may be mounted by pipe, panel, or bracket. Field adjustment of the zero may be required if position is changed. High external vibration may cause output fluctuations. Mounting in a vibration-free area is recommended.
Split Ranging
If split ranging is required the 4-20 mA input, 3-15 psig output version (ControlAir part number 500-AC) can be recalibrated to provide a 3-9 psig or 915 psig output.
Intrinsically Safe
The Type 500X has been tested and approved by Factory Mutual as Intrinsically Safe Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Groups C, D, E, F and G when used with an apparatus meeting the following entity requirements:
Vmax = 29.9 V Ci = 0 Ci is capitanee
Imax = 65 mA Li = 35 mH Li is inductance
The Type 500X is available in two differͭent versions. The lower range model is designed for standard process control applications which typically utilize a 3 to 15 psig output. The extended range unit provides up to 120 psig output for higher pressure industrial pneumatic and process control system requirements.
Principle of Operation
The Type 500X Transducer is a force balance device in which a coil is susͭpended in the field of a magnet by a flexure. Current flowing through the coil generates axial movement of the coil and flexure. The flexure moves towards the nozzle and creates back pressure which acts as a pilot pressure to an integral booster relay. Input signal increases (or decreases for reverse acting) cause proportional output pressure increases.
Zero and Span are calibrated by turning adjust screws on the front face of the unit. Adjustment of the zero screw repoͭsitions the nozzle relative to the flexure. The span adjustment is a potentiometer that controls the amount of current through the coil.
NEMA-4X (IP65) Enclosure
Optional Factory Mutual NEMA 4X enclosure rating allows for installation in splashdown or outdoor environments. Unit also meets the requirements of IEC standards IP65.
Installation should be in accordance with ControlAir interconnection drawing no. 431-990-013. This drawing is included in the Type 500X Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instruction. The Intrinsically Safe approval is a standard feature of the Type 500X and applies only to units with a 4-20 mA input signal that are installed with the following barriers:
R.Stahl, Inc. barriers: MTL, Inc. barriers:
9001/01-280-100-10 728
9002/13-280-110-00 787S+
The Type 500X is also Factory Mutual Approved as Nonincendive for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D, and suitable for Class II and III, Division 2, Group F and G. Barriers are not required for nonincendive rating.
Field Reversible
In the reverse acting mode the output is the opposite of the direct acting mode (i.e. 4-20 mA input creates a 15-3 psig output). To change from direct acting to reverse acting simply reverse the polarity of the signal leads and recalibrate. Input signal failure causes output pressure to reach maximum value (i.e. 15 psig) when reverse acting.
Circuit Board
Fixed Orifice
Pilot Pressure ] Supply Pressure Atmospheric Pressure Output Pressure
Exhaust Valve
Supply Valve
T500 Electropneumatic Transducer (I/P, E/P)
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