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Catalogue excerpts

CONTA-ELECTRONICS CONTA-ELECTRONICS Program Overview Fuse, Component, Diode and Indicator Modules 114 Fuse modules 116 Component modules 117 Diode modules 118 Lamp test modules 120 Interface Modules 122 Interface modules for RJ45 and USB 124 Interface modules for D-Sub 125 Interface modules for ribbon cable 128 Interface modules for EDAC connectors 130 EDAC accessories 132 Converter Units 134 Signal converters for thermal sensors 136 Signal converters for voltage and current 137 Signal converters for potentiometer signals 138 Multi-functional signal-converter units for voltage and current 139...

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We are your global partner for electrical and electronic connection technology, customised system solutions and marking components. CONTA-CLIP is the perfect solution for anyone in the electrical technology business, and for good reason. CONTA-CLIP has been developing products for control and automation engineering for decades. With its resolute product development and pricing strategies, CONTA-CLIP is able to offer a comprehensive line of connection systems, electronic functional modules and marking solutions. For years, CONTA-CLIP has been an established name in systems and mechanical engineering....

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4 CONTA-CLIP on the Internet CONTA-ELECTRONICS You can find all about product innovations, trade fair appointments, press releases, and more at our official CONTA-CLIP web site. If you want to make sure you do not miss any news, then subscribe with no obligation to our CONTA-CLIP newsletter by e-mail. in Italy: in Holland: in France: in Germany: USA

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5 CONTA-CLIP Overview CONTA-CLIP: for many years, this name has stood for innovative products in the field of mechanical and systems engineering. With its wide variety of electrical connection system products, CONTA-CLIP has been the industry partner for decades. You can find solutions to your applications quickly by using the clear organization in our catalogs, which divide the products into three areas. CONTA-CONNECT • Connection level for the switchgear cabinet and control engineering • Tools for working with conductors and cables • Branch and terminal housing in a variety of designs and materials...

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6 CONTA-ELECTRONICS Product Overview CONTA-ELECTRONICS One-phase DC power supplies PGSV Three-phase DC power supplies PGSV AC/DC regulated power supply modules VMG AC/DC regulated power supply modules VMG/ADJ AC/DC regulated power supply modules VMGS AC/DC unregulated power supply modules VMO AC/AC transformer power supply modules VMAC AC/DC rectifier modules GM DC/DC stabilized converter modules VSTAB DC/DC stabilized converter modules DC-DC UC/DC converter modules ACDCG CONTA-PROTECT Overvoltage arresters, type 1|2|3 (B|C|D) CONTA-PROTECT Overvoltage arresters type 2 (C) CONTA-PROTECT Overvoltage...

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7 CONTA-ELECTRONICS Product Overview Star-delta switching relays SDSR 2 Auto-Off-On relays RM/HA/24 VUC Analog output modules AO-1-2 S Analog output modules AO-4-2 S Digital switch modules with HAND/ OFF/AUTOMATIC operation MGW Digital switch modules with HAND/ OFF/AUTOMATIC operation RIM Digital switch modules with HAND/ OFF/AUTOMATIC operation OD Digital switch modules with HAND/ OFF/AUTOMATIC operation ASB Digital switch modules with HAND/ OFF/AUTOMATIC operation HLS Digital switch modules with HAND/ OFF/AUTOMATIC operation HLSW Digital switch modules with HAND/OFF/ AUTOMATIC operation and...

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8 CONTA-ELECTRONICS Product Overview CONTA-ELECTRONICS Relay modules 2 CO RM 1/2 Relay modules RM-S Relay modules 1 CO RML Relay modules 1 CO RIM F Relay modules 1 CO RIM Relay modules 1 CO RIM S Relay modules 1 CO RIM-16 A Relay modules 2 CO RIM Solid-state compact PSC Solid-state terminals, tension-spring connection Solid-state compact PSC Solid-state terminals, screw-clamp Opto-coupler modules OKI AC/DC Opto-coupler modules OKI DC Solid-state output modules SSOIF Solid-state relays OPTO 22 Fuse modules SM Component modules BSM Diode modules DM Lamp test modules LPM Lamp test modules LTRS Interface...

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9 CONTA-ELECTRONICS Product Overview Interface modules OE-E EDAC accessories Temperature converter units CML-PT100-UI Voltage and current converter units CML-UI-UI Potentiometric converter units CML-POT-UI Multi-functional signal converter units CMS-UI-UI Multi-functional signal converter units CMS-UI 60-UI Multi-functional signal converter units CMS-UI-R Multi-functional signal converter units CMS-F-UI Analog signal converter modules without galvanic isolation CAE Potentiometric modules CAE/POT Temperature converter units PT 100 Analog signal converter unit EG 3 SWW Locking-base system RS-SP...

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6 DC Power Supplies CONTA-ELECTRONICS The 24 V DC control voltage has come to globally dominate in systems and machines in automation engineering, in the DC power supplies for encoders, input signals, actuators and electronic components. However the voltage range from 6 V DC to 60 V DC is also required for analog and digital signals in various control schemes. The functionality of an electronic control is largely dependent on the reliability of its corresponding power supply. A stable and safe power and voltage supply guarantees a trouble-free production process in systems and mechanical engineering....

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e d c b a Overview Features · High efficiency, light weight, and small size - achieved with primary switched-mode regulator technology. · All-round use in grid - fulfils the high EMC demands of the residential and industrial sectors. · Extra-low safety voltage output with non-grounded circuit for safer isolation. · Outlet is switchable in parallel or series. · Outlet is no-load safe and has permanent short-circuit protected. · Overvoltage protection. 11 Primary Clocked DC Power Supplies PGSV DC Power Supplies CONTA-CLIP distinguishes between one-phase and threephase devices with the PGSV primary...

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VMG AC/DC stabilized power supply modules VMG power supply modules convert the mains voltage from 230 V into a linear-stabilized DC voltage. They are available in varying output voltages – 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, and 24 V – with various high-performance transformers. A module is also available which features adjustable outlet voltage from 1.5 V to 26 V. VMGS AC/DC stabilized power supply modules VMGS power supply modules convert the mains voltage from 230 V into two linear stabilized DC voltages. They are available in various output voltages – 2 x 5 V, 2 x 12 V, 2 x 15 V, and 2 x 24 V – with varying...

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