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Description The Cylinder Pressure System consists of the 165855 Cylinder Pressure Transducer and the 146824 Interconnect cable. It is intended for measuring the cyclic absolute pressure changes inside a reciprocating compressor cylinder. This transducer is an integral part of a Reciprocating Compressor Condition Monitoring and Asset Management System when utilized with a Bently Nevada 3500/77M Cylinder Pressure Monitor and System 1 Plant Asset Management Software. The Cylinder Pressure Transducer has a robust design for high reliability in harsh chemical environments. The unique, patent-pending design also allows the transducer to continue to provide an accurate pressure reading, even after being continually cycled over large pressure gradients for an extended period of time. The transducer can also withstand over-pressure situations caused by application upsets without diaphragm degradation, returning to normal operation when the operating pressure returns to the transducerْs specified operating pressure range. The Cylinder Pressure Transducer is also designed to meet NEMA 4X and IP67 conditions for moisture ingression. The wetted surface of the transducer is typically installed into an isolation valve or similar pressure indicator port on the compressor. A special adapter is usually required to provide a seal between the pressure indicator port and the transducer (such as the 166393 adapter). The electronics portion of the Cylinder Pressure Transducer is separated from the wetted surface by 1 metre of cable. The electronics must be secured on or near the compressor for optimal performance. Each pressure sensor will be shipped with pressure-temperature compensation data in order to optimize the measurement. Inputting the supplied data points into the 3500/77 Cylinder Pressure Monitor can minimize the operating temperature effects on the transducer. For Reference Only See Document #166815 Specifications and Ordering Information Page 1 of 7 size="-4">

Cylinder Pressure Transducer
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    Specifications Cylinder Pressure Transducer System Operation outside the specified limits will result in false or inaccurate readings. Transducer Characteristics:...
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    Physical & Environmental EMC Directives Weight: 250 g (0.55 lbm) Sensor Head 150 g (0.33 lbm) Electrostatic Discharge: EN 61000-4-2, Criteria B Radiated...
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    146824 Cylinder Pressure Transducer Cable > Ordering Information 146824-AXXXX A: 165855 Cylinder Pressure Transducer (All transducers have 7/8-14 UNF...
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    Graphs and Dimensional Drawings Figure 1. Typical Thermal Sensitivity Shift -1,06 [26,9] HEX A/F W/ SAFETY WIRE HELE 7/8-14 UNF- ...
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    Figure 3. 146824-AAAA Cylinder Pressure Cable >Adapter notes: 1. The 166393-AA adapter is rated to 345 bar (5,000 psi) per ASME B31.1. 2. When exceeding...
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