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Catalogue excerpts

CKIC is the global leader in the manufacture of mechanical samplers, sample preparation equipment and analytical instruments for various applications. Established in 1992, CKIC has grown from a small private company based in Changsha, China to a highly successful public enterprise listed on the Chinese Stock Exchange with over 800 employees worldwide. Quality is built-in to all our processes with ISO9001:2008 certification. Our network of engineering, manufacturing, service, customer training, and testing experts work together to exceed your expectations. Customers in over 40 countries offer proof...

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Multi Food Sample testing on CKIC Protein analyzers Reported by SGS Ltd.(Former SVA Ltd.) Leicestershire, UK Nitrogen/Protein Analysis in Food Calorific Value Testing in Food Standard: Refer to GB/T213 ,A$TM D5865 SGS offer an extensive range of advisory, testing and innovative IT services to the food and consumer products industry. Headquartered in Ashby de la Zouch in the Midlands, UK, branch offices located in West Sussex, U.K and Dublin, Ireland, Sample preparation: Food materials should be homogenised as much as possible. Then a sample of 80 -lOOmg will give good consistant results. Sample...

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Bio-fuel Testing on CKIC Ash Fusibility Determinator Fusibility Determination in Biomass Ash Calorific Value Testing in Biomass Standard: Refer to GB/T213 ,A$TM D5865, UNI CEN/TS 15370-1 From KOTITI Tesfing & Research Institute South Korea Standard: GB/T 30727, refer to coal analysis Sample preparation: Ash must less than 0.1 mm particle size KOTITI Testing & Research Institute was founded in 1961 and now it has expanded its range of experiments, from textile products to environmental health and industrial materials. On all of these fields, it has executed inspection & analysis, quality test,...

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Multi Environmental Sample Matrix Test on CKIC Elemental Analyzers Reported by EMME3 srl Milan, Italy C/H/N testing in Soil & Heavy Oil Sulfur testing in Soil & Heavy Oil Standard: Refer to coal standard Refer to coal stanard Sample preparation: Sample weight is 80mg Sample preparation: Sample weight is 300~500mg. EMME3 is a dedicated Italian company with more than 10 years experiences in providing solutions for environmental analytical laborato Accessories: COM-AID Standard material like EDTA or Phenylalanine Tin-foil cup Syringe 4fig balance Before we concluded a agreement to walk with CKIC,...

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Benefit from employing CKIC coal quality Equipment and Solution Coal Sample Preparation Coal Quality Testing & Management from Shenhua Group China Shenhua Group is a leading state-owned mining and energy company in China and has a few operations in Indonesia and Australia. As the largest coal producer in China, in 2014, Shenhua sold about 588 million tonnes of coal In addition to coal mining, the company also produces electricity from coal and renewable energy. Coal Sample Preparation is a critical part of any coal quality system before laboratory testing. As the leading manufacturer, CKIC offers...

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Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments Co., Ltd. No.172 Kaiyuan Road Changsha Economic & Technological Development Zone Changsha 410100, P. R. China Website: Email: Email: CKIC continuously improve performance and appearance of its products, therefore appearance and parameters of the products are subject to change without advanced notice. All pictures are for reference only and may be subject to modification.

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