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Automatic Calorimeter Standard Configuration Main analyzer: Controlling Unit and Chiller Oxygen Vessel Data System (PC & Printer) Crucibles Ignition Wire Benzoic Acid O-ring kit Tool kit Optional Configuration Lens paper Pellet press Halogen Resistant Oxygen Vessel calibrate mass, g temperature rise 0.8207 0.8115 0.8881 0.9111 0.9746 0.9965 1.0957 1.2052 1.1251 1.2214 as-determined heat capacity 9885 9887 9888 9880 Remark ASTM-D5865, the precision often acceptable calibration test runs shall have a relative standard deviation (RSD) no greater than 0.17% and CKIC's specification is less than 0.05% RSD. Conclusion: 5E-C5500 Automatic Calorimeter exceeds the ASTM Precision Requirement. Specification Model Conforms to Method Precision (1g Benzoic Acid) Measuring Range Temp. Resolution Control Ability Analysis Time per Sample Jacket Type Vessel Identification Balance Connection Network Connection Bucket Filling Oxygen Filling Structure Bomb Vessel Lifting Power Supply Single control Double control Single control Double control Single control Double control Up to 6 Isoperibol Up to 2 for automatic, several for manual Available Available Automatic Semi-Automatic Benchtop or Vertical Manual Automatic Benchtop Automatic Single phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz, ^500W Bench top: 75kg Vertical type: 103kg With all 5E-C5500 features, additionally: Fully Automatic Oxygen Charging System Integrated oxygen charging system, straight connection to oxygen cylinder via regulator controlled by solenoid valve, 5E-C5508 is available for oxygen charging automatically. Bench top: 480mm x 500mm x 420mm (Analysis unit) 370mm x 500mm x420mm (Temp, control unit) Analysis unit: 580mm x 550mm x 550mm Temp, control unit: 370mm x 540mm x400mm Full Automatic Oxygen Vessel Lifting System Convenient operation compared with manual filling, in case of any slipping off. Water filling and draining during lifting, minimize the time for analysis and preparation. *Test Condition: 1. Ambient temp. 20oC±1°C, humidity 75%±5% 2.No strong interference source nearby 3.Clean water circuit with distilled water

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