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HOW IT WORKS 5E-CHN2200 SERIES ANALYER 5E-CHN2200 CHN analyzer is ideal for macro weighed samples. It is one of the very few analyzers on the market really able to analyze macro amounts of samples, liquids and solids, heterogeneous matrix. The features that make it ideal for analysis of biomass, waste,fuels and foods. Due to its operating principle, it is completely modular: during configuration one up to three element can be chosen from C/H/N; the up-gades to other elements can be done in situ at a later time. SAMPLE APPLICATION Biomass • Waste • Soil Plastic Solvents Fertilizers Oil Coal An encapsulated sample is placed into the loading head of the CHN2200, which is sealed and purged. The sample is then dropped into a hot furnace which contains high pressure pure oxygen, for very rapid combustion. Dust and ash are filtered before collection in the gas ballast. These collected gases are mixed, and then an aliquot dose is analyzed with IR detectors to give Hydrogen and Carbon value. All the gases pass through a reduction catqlyst in prder to form molecular,nitrogen. Then CO and H O trap ensure that only N goes inside the TCD to be detected. The system is controlled by external PC using Windows based operating software. FEATURES ■ Dual-stage furnace ensure complete catalytic combustion ■ Multiple detector: custom configuration and minimum time per analysis ■ 5ml blended gas analysis ensure to save the consumption of Helium and Copper ■ IR C02 monitor detector to check complete combustion CUSTOM CONFIGURATION, MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY Carbon - IR Hydrogen - IR Nitrogen - TCD CHN CH C N H -j 5E-CHN22«^M Setting Test Funct - Data management User Help Condition query Recalculate Print preview

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