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Catalogue excerpts

CITIZEN MACHINERY MIYANO CO.,LTD. KITASAKU-GUN, NAGANO-KEN 389-0206, JAPAN CITIZEN is a registered trademark of Citizen Holdings Co., Japan

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"Ko No Ryosan", mass customization in Citizen style, will lead to the next stage of machine tools development. Citizen Machinery Miyano Co., Ltd. will continue to provide up-to-date solutions We, Citizen Machinery Miyano Co., Ltd., has always pursued inno- vations to improve manufacturing technology at customers production sites under our business concepts such as "Human oriented factory" and "impressive value production" for more than 80 years of our business history. In a manufacturing filed of the 21st century, two extreme trends, one is "mass production and mass sales" caused by commoditiza- tion...

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Micro HumanTech mm m ■ wso&m%£ * a i-^ its v? x>?vi,-yro rt> <D -3< »jj -r>*st 1-r ^*-r0 Micro HumanTech As a global leader in miniaturization and precision technology, we are poised to carve out new product possibilities to create the next "best thing," in our efforts to earn the admiration of our customers and to meet their growing expectations. The combination of our creativity and technology in these efforts is reflected in the Citizen group's dynamic new slogan: "Micro HumanTech." Micro: The Citizen group has been improving upon the technology of miniaturization and precision since its inception...

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A Concept of Value Desired by 21st Century Society A future fusion of both mass and individualized methods to create new "Ko No Ryosan" manufacturing ^M^sicfe rsiaj, ra»j, r®±fej. raisj £jtic&*fcs llf-iKSIS©FJ|go ICTCInformation Communication Technology) £ The newly created Citizen Machinery Miyano which started in 2011 has aimed to grow through an innovative production system for a new age.Day and night we continue to challenge the boundaries of what is possible by utilizing the strengths and products both the Cincom and Miyano brands offer in order to further evolve the company and create new...

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Sliding Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes As a general purpose automatic lathes manufacturer, we offer a new product brand that is clearly expressed in our "Ko No Ryosan" concept which provides optimal value tailored to the needs of each customer. The Cincom automatic CNC lathe is a general purpose machine that achieves a wide variety of composite processes. The sliding headstock type excels at processing long small diameter pieces using the guide bush and supports rods with diameter of 0 to φ32mm. The Cincom brand handles Sliding Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes while Miyano handles Fixed...

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Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes The CNC automatic lathe is able to answer a diverse range of needs in the ever changing field of rod machining, such as increased parts precision and functionality through high-caliber finished goods. Starting with powerful cutting of fabricated materials, the chucker's goal is to perform secondary processing of highly functional parts and reduce the need for personnel through the combination of a loading system Miyano's line of products will provide you with the optimal solution for all kinds of needs. The machining process has been optimized by taking...

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Ultra High Precision Technology Ocean technology High-density scraping is used to bring down and stabilize the sliding resistance and the technology manufactures machines which are able to conform to the inspection standards for guaranteeing ultra high precision machining. We provide a total solution using the latest networking and accumulated processing technologies. mm fc itii At5z. tif PImx\ i a o*dft ft ±o * w'5<i ta* Alkapplysolution is a manufacturing solution tailor made to solve the problem of a lack of technicians at customer facilities. The solution is provided from the member's only...

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DOMESTIC SITES Improve response capability to changes through linking domestic offices together The headquarters of Citizen Machinery Miyano Co., LTD not only plays an important role as administrative center but also serves as a manufacturing base with the state-of art-facilities. Centering on this headquarters, we have established the network which allows us to respond flexibly to world changes by cooperating closely with our production bases such as Kitakami works, our sales & development bases such as Tokorozawa works and our service bases in Japan. Kitakami Works The build center for Miyano....

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An international network promoting the Cincom and Miyano brand Citizen Machinery Miyano has strengthened the Cincom and Miyano brand world-wide by expanding its global presence with a growing network of overseas facilities that includes representation in the USA, China, Thailand Vietnam, Philippines, India, Germany and the United Kingdom. Sales and service functions for mid and east Europe CITIZEN MACHINERY EUROPE GmbH. MACHINERY EUROPE GmbHXv^X'V bXikiLbx^tto Jiftmut-ti-tisX &(nm.mmum:tez-tx\ mit--x\.z.® CINCOM MIYANO TAIWAN CO.,LTD Established in southern Germany in 1984 "CITIZEN MACHINERY EUROPE...

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Toshimori Miyano, founder of Miyano, started manufacturing industrial precision files in Kameido, Tokyo Developed model AL-S25, the Japars1 first automatic cam operated lathe Corporate name changed to Miyano Iron Work Fukushima Factory established Corporate name changed to Miyano Machinery Japan Inc. Kitakami Factory established ISO 9001 Certified at Kitakami Factory Miyano Machinery UK Ltd. (formerly Macro CNC Machine Tools Ltd.} Headquarters and Tokyo Office moved to Sumiyoshi, Ueda Miyano Service Engineering, Inc. established Listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Fukushima...

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