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Catalogue excerpts

CopyrightSKF2005Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication butno liability can be accepted forany loss ordamage whetherdirect, indirectorconsequential arising outof the use of the information contained herein.SPEEDI-SLEEVE, SKFand the SKFlogo are trade marks of the SKFGroup and are registered in certain jurisdictions.Printed in U.S.A. (rev 10/05) >

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The quickestand mosteconomical way to repairworn shafts >

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To seal efficiently, radial shaftseals mustrun againstasmooth round surface - the seal counterface. If the counterface becomes worn, and itusually does, then the seal will no longerbe able to fulfill its function, which is to retain lubricantand to exclude contaminants - solid particles as well as liquid.Normally, the counterface will become grooved as acontaminantparticle is caughtunderthe seal lip and abrades a trackas the shaftrotates. As this continues, the seal will allow more particles to pass orgetstuck, and seal efficiency deteriorates, eventually leading to malfunction of the componentthe...

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The Speedi-Sleeve > has been developed by SKF- a leading seal specialist- precisely to solve the problem of worn seal counterfaces atshaftends. It is a thin-walled sleeve, with a high quality finish and hardness forits purpose, which is simply pushed in position overthe worn shaftand afterinstalling a new seal, the shaftis as good as new - if notbetter.There is no shaftdismantling ormachining involved -hence the "Speedi" - and costly downtime is saved. As the same size of seal as the original can be used, there is no need to search forotherseals so thatstock keeping is simplified, which results...

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Speedi-Sleeve > Gold is an enhanced version of the popularSpeedi-Sleeve > Comparison of various Speedi-Sleeve ή coatings which offers improved resistance to abrasive wear. Designed to be used in applications where extended seal system life is needed, Speedi-Sleeve > ή Goldbridges the performance gap between the standard sleeve and expensive custom shafttreatments. Athin metallic film applied to the base stainless steel imparts a gold color and significantly increases durability and surface hardness (to approx. 2300 Vickers*). The Gold version is particularly effective in high dustand gritenvironments...

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Although installation is simple, itshould be done carefullyto achieve the bestresults.Before starting, the sealing zone on the shaftshould be carefully cleaned and any burrs orrough spots should be filed down and polished. Deep weargrooves, scratches orvery rough surfaces should be treated with a suitable powdered metal epoxy filler. The sleeve mustbe positioned on the shaftbefore the fillerhas hardened.Itshould also be noted thatalthough Speedi-Sleeves > Measure the diameterwhere the sleeve will be positioned on an unworn portion of the shaft. Measure in three positions and average the readings...

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Place installation tool overthe sleeve. The flangeend of the sleeve goes on the shaftfirst.Gently tap the centerof the tool until the sleevecovers the seal worn surface. If the installation tool supplied with the sleeve is too short, a length of pipe ortubing with a squared-off, burr-free end can be substituted. Use care notto scratch the precision ground sleeve O.D.Leave the flange intactunless clearance is required.If the flange is to be removed, one precutof the flange perpendicularto the tear-off groove will aid in removal. Use heavy-duty side cutters or metal shears. Caution cutonly into...

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