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Catalogue excerpts

Lined Magnetic Drive Process Centrifugal Pumps UTN-L / UTN-BL I° frame Comply to : 2006/42/CE Design to : ISO 2858 / EN 22858 (ex DIN 24256) ISO 5199 - UNI 15783 ATEX 100 Directive 94/9/EC Flanged UNI 1092-2 (ISO 7005-2 ) PN16RF type B slotted ANSI 150RF UTN-BL PFA CLOSE COUPLED EXECUTION Plastic and Fluoroplastic Lined Magnetic drive Horizontal - Single Stage - Process Centrifugal pumps Lining: PP (Polypropylene), PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride), PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) Close-coupled and Long-coupled executions

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UTN SERIES Mag drive concept UTN-L Long Coupled pumps use the The synchronous drive configura- back pull-out principle and a tion is based on an outer magnet strong bearing housing with ring assembly built to magnetically flexible coupling. together by the flux of attracting magnet poles flowing through the containment isolation shell. pecially developed to be suitable even under heavy duty service. sign with the UCL series (mechanical seal Design Application Fields grease lubricated bearing bracket, es- UTN range share the same hydraulic de- dustries, where the need of high safety Close coupled...

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All PFA components are made through equipped with NdFeB (neodymium Transfer Moulding process. iron boron) and SmCo (samarium The Transfer Moulding process is also cobalt) permanent magnets. employed for PVDF \ PP lined casing. Patented cage magnet attachment guarantee Sealless design hazardous, aggressive or valuable product. All wetted parts have a high chemical resistance employing a performing material granting also a wall thickness of at least 4mm to 5mm Virgin PFA. Alternative available materials for the Wetted parts: PP and PVDF. The pump design grants a modular configuration of either end-suction...

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features CASING IMPELLER ASSEMBLY • The ductile cast iron armour protects the fluoroplastic peripheral surfaces of the pump The closed impeller design, made around a sturdy metallic core surrounded by a minimum 4mm of fluoroplastic material, from pipe strain, vibration, external shocks and maximum efficiency and reliability. during the handling; moreover it allows the • Standard back vanes reduce axial thrust casing to be Vacuum resistant. and seal chamber pressure to guarantee and extraordinary bearing and seal life. • Top centerline discharge for air handling, self- • The integral design of...

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RoTating bushings and Axial Thrust suction cover Large Silicon Carbide The suction cover is designed to guarantee a long life time even under stress, in fact it’s a lined Static Axial Thrust armoured piece made around design offers ruggedness even under heavy duty strong metal core on PFA painting coating quality RunSafeSiC microcrystalline diamond coating • Lowest coefficient of friction and heat generation, even when lubrication The metal surfaces are protected by a high performance three coating layers (240 micron): • Epoxy zinc pain is insufficient or under dry running condition. • Universal...

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SECTIONAL DRAWING Electric Motors UTN-BL: 1.1   kW (motor size 80) -> 18.5 kW (motor size 160) UTN-L: 0.75 kW (motor size 80) -> 37 kW (motorsize 200) PP lined \ PVDF lined \ PFA lined Suction Casing PP-GF \ PVDF-CF \ PFA lined Temperature range Isolation Shell PP-GF \ PVDF-CF \ PFA+CF Allowable Pressure Range PP: from 16 bar (20 °C) to 12 bar (70 °C) PVDF: from 16 bar (20 °C) to 8 bar (100 °C) PFA: from 16 bar (20 °C) to 8 bar (140 °C) Impeller Assembly PP lined \ PVDF lined \ PFA  lined Flange Connections UNI 1092-2 / ISO 7005-2 PN 16RF, type B slotted to ASME /ANSI class 150 O-Ring Casing Thrust...

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Not binding data refers to water at room temperature. For specific performance curve contact CDR Pompe SpA.

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OVERALL DIMENSIONS Weight (w\o motor) UTN-BL CLOSE COUPLED EXECUTION Pump Model Motor Size *size 125 equipped with motor frame 160: H=208 * L2 dimension is according to installed motor manufacturer Pump Model

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UTN-L LONG COUPLED EXECUTION OVERALL DIMENSIONS Pump Model Pump Model * L4 dimension is according to installed motor manufacturer

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UTN-L BASEPLATE INSTALLATION OVERALL DIMENSIONS Motor Size Baseplate Arrangement Motor Size Pump model * L4 dimension is according to installed motor manufacturer

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NEW utn 125-80-160 - see specific brochure UTN 125-80-160 casing : new 125-80-160 casing is matching perfectly the impeller design , to achieve the best hydraulic efficiency. The benefits of the lined technology are : • stability to increased temperature under vacuum working capabilities constant coating layer thickness thanks to TM process high resistance to the permeation thanks to the TM process (for PFA and PVDF execution) New Impeller 125-80-160 assembly made in one piece granting the maximum reliability and stability during the pump operation. New Suction Cover : using a static shaft design,...

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For further info, please visit www.cdrpompe.com Pompe S.P.A. C.D.R. Pompe S.p.A. Via P. Togliatti, 26/A - 20030 Senago (MI) - Italy Tel. +39029901941 Technical Characteristics The technical data and characteristics stated in this General Catalogue are not binding. CDR Pompe S.p.a. reserves the right to make modifications without notice. Therefore data, dimensions, performances and any other stated issues are indicative only and not binding. Anyway for any technical details you must require an up-to-date product technical card.

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