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Catalogue excerpts

BARE SHAFT EXECUTION Lining: PP (Polypropylene), PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride), PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) Close-coupled and Bare-shaft executions

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UCN SERIES UCN-L The lined shaft seal chamber with its conical design can accommodate the following mechanical seal types : pull-out principle and a strong Suitable for handling corrosive, aggressive and hazardous liquids (low viscosity, clean or slightly to dirty contaminated) in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Versatility Mechanical seal arrangement Bare shaft pumps use the back bearing housing with flexible coupling • CDR FC-35 Single mechanical seal (Lined PFA or PP ) The UCN offers a wide range of Reliability • CDR FC-TC35 Double cartridge mechanical seal (Lined...

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3D VIEW Rigid shaft made of corrosion resistant stainless steel minimizes the shaft deflection < 0,05 mm : All PFA components are made through Transfer Moulding process. the design is in “dry shaft execution” where there The Transfer Moulding process is also is no contact between shaft and medium. employed for PVDF\PP casing and seal chambers. All the UCN pumps can be equipped with closed, open radial or vortex impellers in single flow, single stage execution. The suction cover is designed to guarantee a long life time even under stress, in fact it’s a lined armored piece made around a strong...

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FEATURES LINED CASING • • • LINED IMPELLER The ductile cast iron armour protects the fluoroplastic peripheral surfaces of the pump from pipe strain, vibration, external shocks and during the handling; moreover it allows the casing to be Vacuum resistant. • The combination of a solid metal core and a Fluopolymers lining (PFA Top centerline discharge for air handling, self-venting. up has been eliminates thanks to the key Drained casing (optional). • Standard back vanes reduce axial thrust an \ PVDF \ PP) made by Transfer Moulding assure an excellent mechanical reliability and an optimal chemical...

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SHAFT MECHANICAL SEAL • The special design of the shaft guarantees no weak point that could cause • Wide choice of sealing arrangements for maximum sealing flexibility. leakage; the impeller is fixed on the shaft with a long screw that pass through the shaft. • The CDR mechanical seals, FC series, have been developed for difficult operating conditions, hazardous and corrosive medium. • Rigid shaft designed for less than 0.05 mm shaft deflection increases the • CDR FC-35 mechanical seal PFA or PP ). seal life. • Standard 400 series stainless steel shaft (1.4057) provides reliable power Single (Lined...

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FEATURES SINGLE EXTERNAL SEAL TAPERED SEAL CHAMBER Suitable to PLAN 01 CONVENTIONAL DOUBLE SEAL CYLINDRICAL SEAL CHAMBER EXTERNAL FLUSHED ISO 12756 –EX DIN 24960 • Single • Applications where no leakage to PTFE bellow seals designed for external mountings, available in various materials and/ or brands, like Crane 10T atmosphere can be tolerated e.g. hazardous, toxic, inflammable media • When pump is operating under cavitation or low flows • For dirty, abrasive or polymerizing products where media is unsuitable as a lubricant for inboard seal faces • Double mechanical seal such as CRANE 2N\2N ,Crane...

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UCN-BL MOTOR SHAFT LOCKING SYSTEM • Shaft collett design incorporates easy maintenance system and allows to use a standard IEC frame electrical motor. • Close coupled design saves costs for baseplate and coupling, granting same performances and reliability. BEARING BRACKET FOR BARE SHAFT EXECUTION PAINTING COATING QUALITY The metal surfaces are protected by a • • • • • Extra-Large Oil Sump design allows to get a large oil capacity. Breather / filling plug on top . Oil sight glass grants a proper oil level. Large drain plug. The bearing frame can be equipped with 3 different type of protections...

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UCN-L UCN-BL SECTIONAL DRAWING Q max = 110 m3/h -> H max = 65 mcl Temperature range • • • PP : PVDF :   PFA : Allowable Pressure Range Flange Connections UNI 1092-1 / ISO 7005-1 PN 16, type B slotted ANSI 150 Viscosity R Pompe S.P.A. min : 1cSt - max : 200 cSt PP lined \ PVDF lined \ PFA lined Suction Casing PFA 210 Top Shaft Aisi 431 230 Impeller PP llined \ PVDF lined \ PFA lined 330 PN16 (20 °C) Volute Casing 106 - 10 °C  ->  +70 °C - 30 °C  ->  +100 °C - 50 °C  ->  +140 °C Material 102 UCN-BL : 1,1 kW (size 80) -> 18.5 kW (size 160) UCN-L : 1,1 kW (size 80) -> 25 kW (size 200) Component Bearing...

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PERFORMANCE FIELDS °PenradialimPel Semi open (Radiai) are indicated to be used with dirty liquids. TTiey have a low hydraulic efficiency and there's Nat binding data refers to water at mam temperature. Far specific performance curve contact CDR Pompe SpA.

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For further info, please visit www.cdrpompe.com R Pompe S.P.A. C.D.R. Pompe S.p.A. Via P. Togliatti, 26/A - 20030 Senago (MI) - Italy Tel. +39029901941 Fax +39029980606 www.cdrpompe.com info@cdrpompe.it TB - UCN 2012.01 Technical Characteristics The technical data and characteristics stated in this General Catalogue are not binding. CDR Pompe S.p.a. reserves the right to make modifications without notice. Therefore data, dimensions, performances and any other stated issues are indicative only and not binding. Anyway for any technical details you must require an up-to-date product technical card.

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