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TRACK ALPHA - LED lighting for machines
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Catalog excerpts

TRACK ALPHA The future of technical lighting The TRACK series has been given a new design to offer an increasingly high-performance lighting solution for machine tools and extreme industrial working conditions.TRACK ALPHA has thus been born, a series of 7 innovative, versatile lamps made with select, high-quality materials that have been tested according to a controlled production process right through to packaging, in order to guarantee a safe, reliable product. • LED power with 60,000 hours of average life, which eliminates maintenance costs and guarantees an energy saving of 50% • LED lighting...

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01_Connection with an M12 connector 02_Aluminium side caps with stainless steel screws STRUCTURE Design and performance are combined to create an ultra-resistant structure perfect for use under tough conditions. The TRACK ALPHA series with IP67 protection is tested to withstand collisions, vibrations and shavings from mechanical processing, while guaranteeing full dust protection. The aluminium side caps and Viton® O-rings guarantee protection against water and many lubricants and coolants. Thanks to its superior quality materials, TRACK ALPHA is also resistant to high temperatures. The 5mm thick...

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Versatile, flexible, universal. RETROFITTING The secret of this lamp lies in its complete flexibility. 7 versions available in 6 different lengths make TRACK ALPHA suitable for endless applications. We have designed this series so that it can be directly connected to 24Vdc or 230V with no external components. Furthermore, with its dimensions and power, it can quickly and easily replace traditional fluorescent tubes, optimising any retrofitting operations. TRACK ALPHA has not been developed as an accessory but rather a full addition to its machine. 01_Rear fastening with 30° adjustment 02_Side...

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TRACK ALPHA Technical datasheet • Direct 24Vdc and 230V connection with no additional components • Resistant to many lubricants and coolants TECHNICAL FEATURES (24Vdc version) Power supply Light color anodized aluminium anodized aluminium anodized aluminium anodized aluminium TECHNICAL FEATURES (230V version) Power supply Light color anodized aluminium anodized aluminium anodized aluminium LUMINANCE DIAGRAMS ORDER CODES

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M12-A 4 PIN CONNECTOR FEMALE IP67 Code Mounting bracket for rear fastening M12-A 4 PIN CONNECTOR FEMALE IP67 WITH CABLE Cables for 230V lamps Adapter for side fastening Mounting bracket for side fastening

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