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Catalog excerpts

LED lighting systems for industry and machine tools

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technical Lighting for industry and machine tools The right light since 1985 02 We shed light on ideas 06 New light for machinery. Custom made 08 Automatic machine tools 10 Manual machine tools_ 26 Workbenches and industrial lighting. 36 Quality control and inspections. 46 Power supply units 59 CCEA_ Technical lighting 3

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The right light since 1985. Guided by the stars. C.C.E.A. was founded in 1985 with the goal of providing proper lighting for the workplace. In fact, C.C.E.A. was the brainchild of its founder, Bruno Celsan. In the early 1980s, he saw that workplace lighting was just limited to general lighting and felt that it was not suitable to provide efficient working conditions. Indeed, operators’ eyes would be subject to prolonged stress throughout the day, causing burning sensations, watering or headaches and would consequently impair their ability to perform their jobs. This brainwave led him to design...

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CCEA_ Technical lighting The workplace is not just a place where work is performed; it is also the place where we spend a large part of our day and a social gathering place. Working under optimum lighting conditions will increase workers’ quality of life. which has helped enhance the quality of our products. In fact, monochrome, flicker-free LED lighting allows the operator to work under natural, constant light for many years, thereby avoiding visual impairments and reducing energy consumption by 50%. C.C.E.A. lamps are made in full compliance with standard EN 12464-1 on lighting in the workplace,...

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We shed light on ideas Thirty years of history and experience are the hallmarks of our company’s quality. We experienced the lighting evolution and played a part in the LED revolution to produce continuous improvements in order to meet the requirements of anyone looking for technology and who believes in a forward-thinking C.C.E.A. Every one of our products was born out of a need. Our engineers design lamps that perfectly fit every working environment and situation, taking care of every detail and running laboratory tests. With 3000 m² of laboratory and production facilities, C.C.E.A. boasts a...

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New light for machinery. Custom made. CCEA_ Technical lighting C.C.E.A. is also the perfect partner for designing customised lighting for industry and machinery thanks to our extensive knowhow and thirty years of experience, which have now brought 60% of our production to cater for personalised models. Even our fastenings are designed accordingly: to merge light and metal so they are seamlessly combined in one single large structure. From rendering to prototypes, with the aid of photometric curves and electrical or resistance tests, C.C.E.A. develops lamps that are not just accessories but rather...

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Automatic machine tools The complexity and continuous innovation in the field of control centres and EDM make it essential to have advanced, highperformance lighting as the perfect complement when working under the toughest conditions. We have taken all features of machinery into consideration to offer a technologically cuttingedge lighting solution. Resistant to the highest mechanical stress, C.C.E.A. lights can even be used under extreme working conditions. The stainless steel fastenings and Viton or NBR O-rings ensure that all of the equipment is perfectly sealed, which is tested in every product...

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TRACK ALPHA Automatic machine tools The future of technical lighting • IP67 degree of protection and Viton O-rings that fully protect the lamp against dust, and many oils and coolants • Direct 24Vdc or 230V connection for easy replacements of any outdated or obsolete equipment • M12 connector for fast, safe connection • 7 versions available with different lengths for universal use to meet any needs • Rear and side fastenings available The TRACK series has been given a new design. TRACK ALPHA has thus been born, to offer an increasingly high-performance lighting solution for CNC and EDM machines...

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HERIO NOVA Automatic machine tools The perfect combination between light and space Rear and side fastening available, for total adjustability of the lamp. • Exceptionally powerful luminous flux (up to 9800 lumen) • Rear and side fastening available • High degree of protection IP67 • M12 connector for a fast and easy connection • I.D.S. technology for direct 24Vdc connection • Protection against reverse polarity We improved the performance of our brightest series, with a light even more homogeneous and diffused for the large industrial machines. HERIO NOVA includes 4 versions - 27W, 42W, 68W and...

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Brighter, sizeless We hid the lamp, keeping the same light flow. The ANTARIO series, with its extra-slim structure, is the ideal lighting system for large machines that need to keep internal space clutter-free. Its powerful beam (up to 9800 lumen) is generated by combining high-efficiency mini Power LED circuits and a prismatic cone diffuser. Its light colour Daylight CRI75 has been specially designed to provide a natural light that does not strain the eyes or distort colours. Available in 4 sizes, built-in or external version, it allows direct connection in 24 Vdc without additional components. •...

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Automatic machine tools 316 SIDAL I - built-in version All values in mm. • Extra slim structure design • I.D.S. technology for direct 24Vdc connection • Available with a side cable or M12 connector • High degree of protection IP67 The SIDAL series is the perfect solution for use in small spaces inside CNC or EDM machines. Its exceptional brightness is generated by high-efficiency mini Power LED circuits which provide a uniform 5000 K light. Its extra slim structure with a high degree of protection (IP67) is resistant to the highest mechanical stress and does not cause any obstructions inside the...

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Automatic machine tools 202 Ø 38 Waterproof protection for LED lighting The T-CITY lighting system is the perfect combination between design and technology. It has a multi-chip LED light source which can generate a powerful luminous flux, enclosed within a completely waterproof structure featuring a borosilicate glass cover. The anodised aluminium side locks, complete with Viton O-rings, ensure that the lamp remains perfectly sealed against any liquids. The fastenings on the lamp allow the beam to be adjusted up to 90°. • Waterproof structure IP68 • Resistant to many lubricants and coolants •...

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