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12 • Motorised cable reels
The Cavotec Specimas hydrodynamic torque
unit was introduced to the market in
1963. At the time it was the only alternative
cable reel system to the traditional
torque motor reels, and it was the first
system which used conventional squirrel
cage electric motors.
Still the most unique feature of the
Cavotec Specimas hydrodynamic system
is that its clutch is acting directly on the
main drum shaft.
This gives an even torque output in reeling
and unreeling modes, independently
of clutch slip or reeling speed, thus assuring
a long life for the cable.
The diagram below shows the typical
torque/speed diagram for a hydrodynamic
torque unit with an unbeaten even torque
output. The torque variation due to
slip or reeling speed does not exceed 5-
10% depending on the torque unit size.
Due to its unique patented design, the
Cavotec Specimas hydrodynamic system
provides a simple and rational solution for
many cable and hose reel applications.
The system is based on a gearbox in
which a reduction gear, clutch and brake
are built as one unit. It provides a constant
torque output, allowing an even
recovery of any type of cable.
The Cavotec Specimas
cable reel is driven by
cage motor but can also
a hydraulic or pneumatic
Another major advantage torque
can easily be readjusted
This way, the tension
reduced or increased
actual requirements.
Cavotec Specimas hydrodynamic
reels are at work throughout
on harbour cranes, container
mining machines and
-30 -20 -10 0 +10 +
Nominal Torque
Torque/speed diagram
In the torque unit, represented in the sectional
drawing above, the clutch is the
main component which allows the constant
torque output. The bronze crown
gear (3), driven by the motorised worm
screw (2), is freely mounted on the drum
shaft (1). Its surfaces are specially machined.
The two friction plates (4,5) are
mounted on both sides of the crown gear.
These are made of steel and are fixed
to the drum shaft with a key.
The friction plates are also specially machined
so that whilst turning, an oil film is
created between the crown gear and the
two plates, thus transmitting the torque to
the drum shaft.
In order to adjust the clutch to obtain the
required output, the torque unit has an
adjustable spring assembly, which consists
of the rear friction plate (5), a series of
springs (6), the spring holder plate (7) and
the torque regulating nut (8).
The rear friction plate is fixed to the drum
shaft with a key, but can slide along the
shaft axis. The torque regulating nut is
screwed onto the drum shaft and pushes
against the spring holder plate through a
series of steel balls. The torque can therefore
be adjusted by placing the torque regulating
key (9) upside down into the torque
unit. With the torque regulating nut held in
position, the drum can be turned manually,
thus increasing or decreasing the pressure
on the spring assembly, and thereby increasing
or decreasing the torque output of the
clutch to the necessary output level.

Motorised Cable Reels
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