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Whatever your application, standard or customized Cat switchgear
provides the most reliable power generation and electrical distribution
system capabilities to protect your facility from outages and provide
the power you need… whenever you need it.
With years of experience and a wide breadth of products (Generator
Sets, Automatic Transfer Switches, Uninterruptible Power Supplies
and Paralleling Switchgear), comfortably rely on your local Cat Dealer
for your Emergency/Standby System and Service. Your Cat Dealer is
your single-source supplier of integrated generators, switchgear
products, and local support and service.
Caterpillar® Switchgear with EMCP 3.S
seconds can cost millions

Switchgear Products
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    • EGP (Emergency Generator Paralleling) - Used for bothlegally required and optional standby applications; itis commonly used in conjunction with...
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    PowerLynx 3000The PowerLynx 3000 is the most feature-richCat switchgear product offering. The superiorgraphics and operator interface, along withthe ability...
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    Advanced Communications CapabilitiesCat switchgear is equipped with exceptional remote communicationstechnologies, enabling you to control and monitor...
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    features designedfor easy operationFault ToleranceEMCP 3.S provides maximum efficiency and reliability.With other switchgear, if a single component shuts...
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    Feature ComparisonFeatures PowerLynx 3000 PowerLynx 2000 PowerLynx 1000Full Functional Modes of Operation Yes Yes YesFull EMCP 3.S Fault Tolerance Features...
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