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Lynx 200C (L200C)
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Lynx S00C PRESSURE/SIPHON FEED SPRAY GUN PRODUCT INFORMATION CONVENTIONAL AIR CAP AND FLUID NOZZLE CHART MODEL NO. Press / Siphon AVAILABLE FLUID NOZZLES NEEDLES/ marking on needle Actual fluid nozzle and air cap combinations are determined by application (see application chart page 4) Gun inlet pressures may vary as required by application Air caps available with teflon coating (22-2062T & 22-2064T) Coating Atomization Technologies 337 South Arthur Avenue, Louisville CO 80027 Phone: 888.820.4498, Fax: 303.438.5708 _www.spraycat.com_

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Operation and Maintenance Instructions for Spray Guns Operation 1. Connect air supply hose at handle of gun. 2. Connect a pressurized fluid supply or paint siphon cup to the gun fluid inlet. 3. Fluid flow can be controlled using the fluid control knob, this restricts flow by limiting needle travel. It is best to control fluid flow by proper selection of fluid orifice size and use the fluid control knob to “fine tune flow rate”. 4. Fan width can be adjusted using the fan control knob. Turning the knob clockwise narrows the fan. Maintenance IMPORTANT! Routine cleaning and maintenance is essential...

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**See air cap selection chart on page 1 indicates part included in repair kit # 10-106 DESCRIPTION Needle Return Spring* Rear Bushing Needle Seal Cartridge* Allen Plug

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