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Catalogue excerpts

Year I - Supplement to n 01 - 2008 Year I - Supplement to nں 01 - 2008 page 4 > Ricardo Munhoz- Project Manager and Marcos Pelia, Technical Salesman from Carnevalli

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This informative is an initiative planned for a long time by Carnevalli.For 46 in the market, we are always sear-ching for innovation, not only to become lea- ders in the Brazilian extruder market, but also to strengthen the relationship with our custo- mers.The year of 2007 was marked by large in-vestments and, also, by large achievements, we had produced more than 120 extruders and co extruders and reached a high technological le- vel, which can be compared to the best machi- nes available at the international market.All these technological advances have made Carnevalli grow 15% in the Brazilian...

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Expertise to reduceenergy consumption In the second day of the event, the public that was present got the confi rmation, during the expo-sition given by Ricardo Munhoz, Carnevallis Project Manager, that it is possible to increase productivity and also maintain the quality during the production of the fi lms.According to Munhoz, the re-duction at the consumption of ener- gy and the reduction of variation in thickness of the fi lm were the the-mes that drew more attention of the participants.ғIt was impressive to see the general concern to reduce energy consumption and due to the tech- nological...

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