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High Performance Cable - 48 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

ACarlisle Company 100 Tensolite DriveSt.Augustine,FL 32092 Phone: 1-800-458-9960 Fax: 2 Call: 800-458-9960 >

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Aerospace Products 4 > TUFFLITE 2000 5 > Features and Benefits 6 > Selection Guide and Features 7 > Part Numbering Guide 8-13 > Product Types 14-17 > Metric Product Options 18 > AS22759/80-92 REV.A 19 > WC27500 Primary Wire Code 20 > Approvals/Replaces 21 > MIL-DTL-17 Coaxial Cables 22 > MIL SPEC APPROVAL SUMMARY 22 > NEMA HP-3 & HP-4 (Formerly MIL-W-16878) 23 > MIL-DLT-81381/MIL-W-81822/WC27500 24-25 > WC27500 MIL SPEC SUMMARY 26-29 > RF/MICROWAVE FLEXIBLE COAXIAL CABLES 30 > NETflightΙ 31 > Fibre Channel 32-33 > Ethernet 34-35 > Specialty 36-37 > NETflight Optical Specialty Products > ACCULITEٙ...

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SLT - Thin Wall,Light Weight > Athin wall,light weight version of ST which can be used in various constructions.It also has value when considered as a single conductor offering a 5% weight savings over the ST construction whilemaintaining the same mechanical properties.SLT is available in 150ΰC,200C and260ںC. TLR - Metric Light Weight Multi-purpose > Encompasses a metric family of wire and cable with a temperature rating of 260C.TLR is a multi-pur-posenormal weight wire which exhibits exceptional performance characteristicswithin the range of thecritical parameters in airframe applications. 200аC...

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Family Temperature No.of Shield AWG Conductor Materialof WireRating (ΰC)Conductors& JacketSize > (not used (not usedfor single for singleinsulated wire)insulated wire) SLT > 150ְT = TCC Shield26T = Tin Coated Copper Thin Wall > 200S = SCC ShieldtoS = Silver Coated Copper260аN = NCC Shield10SA = Silver CoatedCopper AlloyFdenotes flat shieldN = Nickel Coated CopperNA = Nickel Coated Copper Alloy TLR > 260N = NCC Shield*26N = Nickel Coated CoppertoNA = Nickel Coated 2Copper Alloy ST > 150аT = TCC Shield26T = Tin Coated Copper Enhanced > 200S = SCC ShieldtoS = Silver Coated Copper Medium Wall > 260аN=NCC...

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SymbolDouble ShieldShield style UNo Shield TVTin Coated Copper,round SWSilver Coated Copper,round NYNickel Coated Copper,round FZStainless Steel,round CR27% Nickel Coated Copper,round MKSilver Coated High Strength Copper Alloy,round PLNickel Coated High Strength Copper Alloy,round GASilver Coated Copper,flat HBSilver Coated High Strength Copper Alloy,flat *#Nickel Coated Copper,flat JDTin Coated Copper,flat EXNickel Coated High Strength Copper Alloy,flat Single Jacket Double Jacket Jacket style 0000No Jacket 0555Extruded Clear FEP 0656Extruded or Tape PTFE 0757White PTFE Impregnated Glass over...

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Low Loss Flexible (LLF) Series Features and Benefits Excellent for use in the broadest range of operating frequency Both extruded and tape wrapped expandeddielectric as well as solid PTFE > Greater cost efficiency.Any needed Velocity of Propagation from 69% to 83% can be created for your specific application and requirement. Excellent flex attenuation stability > Provides optimal signal integrity over the broadest range of flexibility and bend radius withminimal shifts in the cables electrical characteristics. Excellent phase to temperature stability > Provides optimal signal integrity over the...

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NFO-125-1NFO-125-3NFO-125-5 Core 62.5/125 multi-mode50/125 multi-mode9/125 single mode Cladding glassglassglass Primary Buffer Material PolyacrylatePolyacrylatePolyacrylate Primary Buffer Diameter 245 m245 յm245 m Secondary Buffer Material PTFE/PolyimidePTFE/PolyimidePTFE/Polyimide Secondary Buffer Diameter 915 յm915 m915 յm Strength Member aramid/glassaramid/glassaramid/glass Jacket FluoropolymerFluoropolymerFluoropolymer Nominal Cable Diameter 1.88mm1.88mm1.88mm Nominal Cable Weight 4.65kg/km4.65kg/km4.65kg/km Flammability per BMS 13-71 PassPassPass Smoke Generation per BMS 13-71 PassPassPass...

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Quad.DuplexSingle P/N:NFO-XXX-X-1NFO-XXX-X-2NFO-XXX-X-4 Component:Any Simplex Cable can be utilized in any Ruggedized Fiber Optic Cable constructions Binder Material:Fiberglass BraidFluoropolymerFluoropolymer Jacket Material:FluoropolymerFluoropolymerFluoropolymer Nominal Cable Diameter:2.74mm4.95mm5.72mm Nominal Cable Weight:10.7kg/km26.5kg/km40kg/km Flammability per PassPassPassFAR 25 Appendix F >

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Ultra-Thin Miniaturized,lightweightPTFE insulated lead wire > Tensolite ACCULITE ή UT wire is a series oflightweight,smaller diameter lead wire for applications requiring thinner wall thickness and smaller conductor sizes. Applications > Subminiature Thermocouple leads ՕTest Equipment Wiring Miniature slip ring and gyroscope ՕMiniature brush block assemblies Strain gauge and transducer leads ՕMedical Equipment Tone arm and hearing aid wireՕMicro component interconnect wiringRadio and Television circuitryՕTelemetering equipmentAerospace and Missile instrumentation Call: 800-458-9960 42 >

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Multiconductor Coaxial Cables Component Counts from 4 coaxes to 44 individual coaxesՕ Dielectric materials:PTFE or Polyolefins Braided shields and Aluminum/Polyester drain wire configurationsavailableՕ Combinations of Braid and Aluminum/Polyester shields available toprovide improved EMI/RFI Performance. Precision Miniature Coaxial Cables Conductor sizes range from 28 to 34 AWGՕ PTFE Dielectric Extremely tight electrical and mechanical tolerances Օ Stable impedance and minimal skew designs available Multiconductor Twisted Pair Cables Conductor counts range from 2 through 26 pair Օ Dielectric materials:PTFE...

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