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Safety News 2012 - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

presentation - index news Thank you for choosing C.A.M.P. as your partner in delivering solutions for safety at work! This catalogue introduces the new products that were successfully showcased at the most recent international trade shows, and is an integration of the CAMP Safety 2011-2012 catalogue. Our R&D works stay focused on creating products that guarantee safety first and foremost, yet enriched by incomparable lightness, comfort, easiness of use and attention to detail that are the distinctive marks of CAMP Safety equipment. So you will discover how it’s possible to speak about improved...

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2120 orbital en 358 - EN 361 size A (cm) 1st S-L 80-120 2nd L-XXL 90-140 Full body harness with 4 attachment points: 1 front, 1 back, 2 side. New conception harness whose structure is especially developed in order to increase comfort for movements during working and for suspension after fall as well, reducing thus the dangerous effects of suspension trauma. Comfortable padded belt for work positioning, padded fully-adjustable leg-loops. The weight is reduced to the minimum thanks to the use of few metal components: all the attachment points are made with lightweight double-layer webbing loops....

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941.05 golden top seat alu + 1962.02 access chest size B (cm) 1st S-L 70-110 2nd L-XXL 80-130 2012 UPDATE: possibility to install the chest harness Access Chest ref. 1962.02. Previous version of Golden Top Seat Alu had the possibility to be assembled with the Golden Chest Alu ref. 930.01, becoming a EN361 full body harness with one front fall-arrest attachment point only. Installation on the new version of Access Chest permits to get two EN361 fall-arrest attachment points: front and back. REMARK: installation of Access Chest on Golden Top Seat Alu is possible only with the new version harness,...

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420 Suspension harness specifically conceived for rescue and police dogs. Suitable for all the dogs usually used for these applications. One size fits all. The innovative structure of the harness allows an ideal suspension position, giving the dog a good comfort during rescue or police operations. Back part can be easily detached and removed in order to use just the front part during ground operations. High-visibility colours, wide pocket for GPS locator, two pockets for Recco® reflectors, made of washable materials. C.N.S.A.S. Italian Alpine and Caving Rescue Organization Installation of dilatation...

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energy absorbers - lanyards Lanyard for work positioning constructed with robust 19 mm Dyneema® webbing, it is made of two parts: one section is adjustable in length from 55 to 110 cm by means of fast-adjustment buckles, the other one has a daisy-chain construction with three different attachment loops and length of 70 cm. Especially developed to be used combined with “Air Rescue” or “Air Work” harnesses, it can be also used in combination with any EN813 sit harness. Connection to the harness can be done without any connector: the end loop can be tied directly into the attachment point of the...

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energy absorbers - lanyards Work positioning adjustable lanyard made of galvanized wire steel cable covered by double polyester sheath. Cable diameter of 8 mm offers an exceptional resistance to cutting tools and the innovative double sheath construction (outer diameter 13 mm) avoids any possibility that the sheath slides along the cable. Outer poliurethane coating gives additional wear-and-tear resistance. Ergonomic adjuster allows a fast and easy length adjustment. Aluminium alloy adjustment device and connectors. Three available versions: 2061.03: adjustable length up to 2 m. 2061.01: adjustable...

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anchor devices Cambium saver for creating anchor points on trees or horizontal artificial structures. Two rings with different size and retrieval sphere (d.31 mm) supplied with the device allow to install and retrieve “Herbol” and the working rope directly from the ground, by means of a guiding cord. Stiffness of the webbing has been especially developed in order to fulfil the needs of tree-climbers. The stiffness of the last section of webbing near the major ring is further increased by a internal plastic layer. Aluminium alloy rings are anodized with different colours in order to be easily seen...

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rope lanyards 50301 / 50302 Single and double rope lanyards with absorber ref. 2029 en 355 As already done for rope lanyards with Standard Shock Absorber (ref. 50301 and 50302), certification for sharp edge resistance has been carried out also for rope lanyards with Shock Absorber Limited (ref. 50401 and 50402). New certification has been got according European test methods CNB/P/11.060 or _ CNB/P/11.074 (Sharp edge with r> 0.5 mm). 50401 / 50402 Single and double rope lanyards with absorber ref. 3029 Horizontal use certification Horizontal use 7 As already done for the other two models Cobra...

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helmets - connectors new colours of helmets en 397 C.A.M.P. presents one new colour for each EN397 helmet of the CAMP Safety range: Skylor Plus: Orange. Safety Star: Blue. Silver Star Work: Yellow. 220 - Silver Star Work 75 Screwgate aluminium alloy connector equipped with an additional patented internal lever. The internal lever is made of polyamide with stainless steel core. The patented lever allows to create an internal ring into the connector where it is possible to insert the end-loop of a lanyard, preventing it from rotating. The wide base of the connector is the perfect solution for the...

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Tool lanyard made of elastic webbing (length: 85-120 cm). The ideal solution for carrying tools safely (max 10 kg) when working at height. Aluminium alloy connector. It is developed in order to break at about 200-250 kg, so that it will safely break in case of necessity, avoiding any potential injury to the user. “Tooler” must not be used as safety lanyard! Tool lanyard made of elastic webbing (length: 90-135 cm). The ideal solution for carrying a chainsaw or other tools safely (max 10 kg) when working at height. Aluminium alloy connector. By means of the metal ring the chainsaw can be hung to...

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