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Goblin Rope fall arrester - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Rope fall arrester rescue use 200 kg smooth action on the rope limited clearance distance very low fall arrest force

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Goblin Ref. 0999 GOBLIN - Fall-arrest device DESCRIPTION - Innovative fall arrest device for semi-static ropes from 10 to 11 mm in diameter. - Robust hot forged structure made of aluminium alloy, stainless steel mechanism. - Designed to give a perfectly smooth action on the rope, both for ascending and descending activities. - Wear-and-tear on rope is nearly eliminated; after a fall consequences for the user and damages to the sheat are reduced to the minimum, thanks to the very low fall-arrest force (< 6 kN). - A proper lanyard (Goblin Lanyard, supplied separately) is available to distance the...

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GOBLIN - Main components Locking lever made of precision casted stainless steel. Movement of the lever is perfectly free because no spring is assembled inside: this feature allows smooth action on the rope avoiding any unwanted locking of the device Actioning lever made of precision casted stainless steel. The attachment hole is in this lever. When ascending and descending the lever does not touch the rope. In case of fall, it touches the rope, actioning the locking lever immediately. Counter part of locking lever. Made of precision casted stainless steel. The rope is smoothly grabbed between...

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Rope Insertion Fall arrest mode Possible configurations for connection CONNECTOR Avoid slack on the rope and do not climb higher than anchor point Rope direction STOP L max= 48 cm EN 362 (L=109 +/- 5 mm)

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EN12841 Type A Fall Arrester mode - Single user GOBLIN - Instructions for use EN 353-2 Fall arrester mode RESCUE USE Fall Arrester mode - Two people EN 12841 Type B Ascender mode EN 362 = EN 1891 Type A CAMP Titanium 11 mm ref.1758A

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Goblin Ref. 0999 GOBLIN - Available references 0999 - Goblin Fall-Arrester 2030026F - Goblin Lanyard, 26 cm long polyester webbing, 27mm wide 099901 - Kit including "Goblin" and "Oval Steel - Lock" connector 099902 - Kit including "Goblin", "Silver 10.5 mm" rope 10 m long with end loops, 2 pcs. "Oval Steel Standard - Lock" connectors, "Goblin Lanyard” 099903 - Kit including including "Goblin", "Titanium 11 mm" rope 10 m long with end loops, 2 pcs. "Oval Steel - Lock" connectors, "Goblin Lanyard”

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