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Easy to use multivariate process monitoring solution for

on-line or at-line applications

■ Predict and correct ■ Customizable, easy to ■ Affordable, flexible and

process deviations before set up and easy to use for scalable for almost any

they become problems > process operators > process environment >

Bring data to life

Unscrambler X Process Pulse
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    02 CAMO Unscrambler® X Process Pulse“Process Pulse has proven to be versatile andconfigurable to suit our unique managementsystem for monitoring...
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    Software for every industryUnscrambler® X Process Pulse can be applied across manyindustries and research fields to improve product development,manufacturing...
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    04 CAMO Unscrambler® X Process PulseProcess Pulse can be used for end-point modeling, withthe plot above showing a pharmaceutical drying processmonitored...
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    Unscrambler® X Process Pulse05 CAMOThe figure above shows the predicted concentration ofthree different components in a pharmaceutical blendingprocess....
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    06 CAMO Unscrambler® X Process PulseDuring prediction and process monitoring, outlierstatistics are powerful tools for identifying if samplesdiffer...
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