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Fern i

Automatic Swing Gate Operators

CAME's best solution when both power and versatility are needed.

Ferni is a sturdy and powerful operator featuring an articulated

arm for swing gates with gate leaves of up to 13 feet in length. This

unique system enables gate automation when the dimensions of a

larger pillar prevent any other operator from being installed. Ferni

is available in the 24V D.C. version.




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A universal solution in three models

Ferni is the optimal solution for gates mounted on pillars where the motor-hinge center

distance can be quite large. Its unique transmission lever provides a simple and

effective solution to the movement issues related to such gates.

Practical and safe.

The gear motor release, protected

by the locked door, enables the

manual opening of the gate during a

power outage.

The Ferni offers many innovative

features, including:

Precise, sturdy and dependable.

Features micro-switches for

adjusting the opening of the gate

leaves and is made of time-tested


A great way to get around large

sized pillars.

The optimal solution for gates with

leaves of up to13 feet long, mounted

on pillars where the motor hinge

center distance can be quite large

(up to 1.24 feet).

True reliability.

The electronics of the 24V D.C. version

may be fitted with a device that, during

a power outage, activates the

emergency-operating mode by using

auxiliary batteries.

ime tested.

We high grade of sturdiness of all of

the inner and outer components, make

Ferni suitable for any application, even

the most demanding.

An articulated benefit.

The articulated arm is ideally applied to

gates with large pillars and when gate

leaves are installed on the outer side of

the pillar. Also available is the "slide"

version to install where little lateral space

is available.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Ferni's 24V D.C. technology provides specific command and safety features, which are standard in the

basic version. However, when cutting-edge technological performance is required in terms of

performance and safety, additional control boards are available. For example:

Active safety features testing

Activates before each gate operation, whether opening or closing.

Partial pedestrian opening

Allows opening of one gate leaf or limited opening for pedestrian access.

Total control of the gate from the transmitter

Includes the possibility of immediately stopping movement of the gate leaves.

The Advantages of Ferni

The 24V D.C. technology adds increased safety to the installation because it allows for

adjustments of run speed, opening and closing deceleration and especially electronic obstacle

detection. So, when absolute reliability, in terms of performance and safety, is required, Ferni's 24V

D.C. technology enables the operator to reach its full potential with the following:

■ No more blackouts

Ferni's 24V D.C. technology automatically detects any interruption of power supply and activates

the emergency back-up auxiliary batteries to ensure the gate can still open and close.

■ Intensive use and high-traffic areas

The low-voltage motor guarantees functioning even in the demanding applications such as

apartment complexes or commercial settings. The operating speed is adjustable allowing a silent

and soft closing of the gate leaves.

■ Obstacle detection

A special electronic circuit constantly monitors the proper functioning of the gate leaves, and will

either stop or invert the movement, in case of any obstacles.



Sturdy and powerful

operator with

articulated arm

Ideal system for gate

leaves up to 13 feet,

which enables gate

automation when the

dimensions of a pillar

prevent any other

automated device from

being installed.


Automatic Swing Gate Operators

clearance of up to 13 ft. «7M

24V D.C. external operator and control panel

001F1024N Self-locking operator complete with articulated transmission arm

002ZLJ24U Control panel for two-leaf swing gates with built-in radio decoder

Special "slide" arm

version available

Another version is

available with the special

"slide" arm. Ideal to install

where little lateral space is

available. Only for gate

leaves up to 7 feet.

Ferni Swing Gate Operator
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