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SuperWire und SuperCut - the perfect solution for all windscreens - 30 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The systematic approach to rapid and efficient glass removal. SuperWire und SuperCut – the perfect solution for all windscreens.

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Reliably tackle all glass removal challenges. As the inventor of the first electric hand drill, FEIN has been setting technical standards since 1867. Since 1984 the FEIN SuperCut has proved itself as a reliable tool for removing glass from windscreens. The SuperWire from FEIN is the world's first motorised system for removing windscreens in one step. SuperWire and SuperCut are the perfect tools for all glass removal work – from simple cars to complex cargo applications for trucks, buses and rail vehicles. The systems from FEIN make your job easier and safer and with an extensive range of accessories,...

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The benefits: ɰɰ Two systems for virtually all glass removal jobs. ɰɰ 30 years of experience and expertise in glass removal systems. ɰɰ High-quality components with industrial “Made in Germany” quality. ɰɰ Robust and durable overall design. ɰɰ Extensive range of accessories for special and extra applications. FEIN SuperWire FEIN SuperCut The professional set for vehicle glazing The professional set for automotive workshops SuperCut areas of application SuperCut sets SuperCut accessories FEIN Li-ion battery technology Other FEIN tools

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FEIN SuperWire FEIN SuperWire – the innovation. Safe removal of glass without the need to reposition. FEIN’s SuperWire is a genuine world first. For the first time ever, glass can be easily removed without the need to reposition. In daily use, the SuperWire offers impressively convenient handling, precision, speed and versatility. The system is suited to virtually all windscreens and guarantees reliable results without damaging the vehicle body. Wire holder The four wire holders on the guide pulleys prevent the wire from slipping off and ensure smooth operation. 4 The benefits: ɰɰ Simple removal...

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FEIN SuperWire Slipping clutch The SuperWire has a slipping clutch which can prevent wire breakage due to overload. Telescope The removable and swivelling telescopes allow the glass removal unit to be adapted to various window types. The telescopic arms can be easily removed for special applications. Anti-Metal-Cut system The system issues an acoustic signal before the wire reaches a point at which it could damage the body. It is activated by a special cable (accessory).

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FEIN SuperWire A standardised process for simple window removal. The method for removing windscreens with the SuperWire is so standardised that the system doesn’t have to be repositioned or moved at all. The high-strength wire, combined with the powerful motor, reliably cuts through even very wide or double beads of adhesive. The slipping clutch prevents the wire from breaking. Simple handling Fitting and operating the SuperWire is simple. The unit doesn’t have to be repositioned at all during the glass removal process so the job doesn’t have to be interrupted. Procedure: 1. Position SuperWire...

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FEIN SuperWire On low rear windscreens, e.g. in estate cars, the SuperWire is fitted in parallel on the windscreen. Large side windows Glass can also be easily removed from larger side windows without the need to reposition. Always start to insert the wire in the top right. Small side windows By removing the telescopic unit and moving the guide pulleys onto the drive unit, even small side windows can be removed without the need to reposition. Curved windscreens If the windscreen is so curved that a lifting pad cannot stick to the windscreen, this can be compensated for by fitting the vacuum ring.

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FEIN SuperWire Special cases of glass removal – in trucks and cars. Even large windscreens in trucks or in the rear of cars where there is only limited access, the SuperWire can still remove the glass – although repositioning is needed in these cases. telescopic arms are simply taken off in advance. The SuperWire then has to be moved accordingly. In most cases, the system only has to be repositioned once. For reliable glass removal from truck windscreens, the SuperWire and telescopic arms have to be repositioned just once. The professional FEIN set for cargo (page 18 / 19) is perfect for bigger...

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FEIN SuperWire Tips and hints for the workshop. The SuperWire is already a highly efficient way of removing glass. This page contains a few tips to make your daily work with the system even easier, faster and more reliable. Calculating the wire length The wire is simply rolled under the moulded strips – preventing these from being damaged during removal and allowing the window to be reused. 5–6 times the total width of the window at the bottom is sufficient for the wire length. Wire which is 2–2.5 times the inner width of the vehicle therefore needs pulling into the interior with the awl. Anti-Metal-Cut...

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FEIN SuperWire An overview of SuperWire and its accessories. The SuperWire from FEIN is the perfect tool for your workshop for safely removing glass from cars without the need to reposition and for convenient working – even in tight spaces. The system is available with or without batteries. The extensive range of accessories makes numerous other applications possible. The benefits: ɰɰ Brushless, zero-maintenance motor. ɰɰ Remote control with LED lamp and 1.5 m cable. ɰɰ Slipping clutch prevents wire breakage. ɰɰ Coil speed of 0 - 40 rpm. ɰɰ Weight approx. 6 kg. ɰɰ 300 metres of wire. SuperWire...

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SUPERWIRE ACCESSORIES Cutting wire Starter awl Battery Protective cover High-strength cutting wire, 300 metres For pulling the wire into the interior. Li-ion 18 V, 3 Ah battery with charge Small protective cover between the suitable for systems with round wire. monitoring display. vehicle trims and wire. Protective cover Large protective cover between the Vacuum ring set Anti-slip mat For fitting on lifting pads with a diameter To protect attachments. of 120 mm for a reliable hold on curved Quick charger Issues a warning signal when the wire Metal stakes To guide the wire on the underside of

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